Headless Greg

There once was a boy named Greg who spent all of his days and nights drawing, collaging, painting and designing. Slowly, the boy’s head began to overfill with ideas, growing bigger and bigger until one day it popper right off the top of his shoulders…

…luckily it grew back pretty quickly but he will now forever be known as Headless Greg.


About Me

Hello! I'm Greg McIndoe (or Headless Greg, whichever you prefer) and I am an illustrator based in Scotland. When not designing, I can most likely be found eating pizza, napping or dreaming about reindeer.

Check out my blog, Headless Happenings, to find out more about the inspirations and creative process behind my work and follow @headlessgreg on Instagram for regular updates on my all creative adventures.

I am always looking for new projects to work on so please do get in touch.