Where's Warhol? by Andrew Rae

Giving the classic Where's Wally? format a pop art style twist, Where's Warhol? is a brand new book by illustrator Andrew Rae and art historian Catherine Ingram.  

The book consists of 12 devilishly detailed illustrations, each doubling as both a visual puzzle and a snapshot into the life of one of design history's biggest icons. Each puzzling scene in the book is brought to life by Andrew Rae. Andrew's work as a comic artist in particular has gifted him the perfect skill set for this challenging project. Each of the pages is packed with detail but doesn't feel over-cluttered; searching through each of the intricate illustrations will excite and entertain your eyes without overwhelming them.

It's not just Warhol you'll be searching for but a whole host of famous faces including Frida Kahlo, Mona Lisa, Madonna and Paul McCartney. At the back of the book, there's a list of all the famous characters included in each spread so you know exactly who you are yet to find. Here you will also find accounts of each scene and details on each written by Catherine Ingram. Drawing on her years of experience as a freelance art historian and lecturer, Catherine injects some fascinating, educational tidbits into this alternative biography. 

My lack of searching-talent always made Where's Wally? book far more stressful for me than it was worth as and child I'd like to say this talent has improved with age but a decade on and Warhol appears almost as evasive to me and Wally did. This, however has not impacted on my enjoyment of this briliant book in the slightest. After all, with Where's Warhol?, Andrew and Catherine aren't just challenging you to a simple game of hide and seek but inviting you to take a walk through art history and mingle with some of the most iconic artists of all time.

You can order a copy of Where's Warhol? here.