Cocolia Studio

While I am in Barcelona (in case you missed my previous post, I am currently 6 weeks through a 2 month stay in this beautiful city) I am keen to feature artists from this neck of the woods - starting with Barcelona-based design studio Cocolia. I have been been following the work of Raul Ramos and Mireia Ruiz - the creative duo who make up Cocolia - for a while now and when I recently realised they were based in Barcelona I knew the time had finally come for me to blog about their amazing work!

The variety within Cocolia's portfolio of work is what I admire most about the creative duo. Projects range from graphic illustrations, geometric installations and giant murals to painted people, leaves and chairs. What's interesting is, despite there being no restriction in terms of materials or "house style", all of Cocolia's projects work as a coherent collection. In a way, what ties each piece together isn't what they have in common but that they are all so different - this bold art direction is what gives the studio such a dynamic, instantly-recognisable edge to their work.

With art direction, illustration, pattern design and so much more under their belts, Cocolia are a multidisciplinary studio if ever I've seen one! Barcelona has such a relaxed, bohemian and wildly creative vibe running throughout it, it makes me wonder how much living here contributes to Cocolia's unquenchable thirst for creativity. Wherever it comes from, this creative thirst definitely manifests itself in Cocolia's ongoing stream of personal projects which they say allow them "creative freedom" and space to learn and develop. Raul and Mireia are always working on something just for them, making sure they keep creativity as a passion as well as a job and this is no doubt what contributes most to their ever evolving aesthetic and unexpected art direction. You never know which way Cocolia will go next, the only thing you know for sure is that it will be a place you wish you had dreamt up first!