Type With Pride


Over the last few days of June, which is officially LGBTQ+ Pride Month, I I have a few pride-themed posts planned. Today’s is all about a colourful typographic project which celebrates the LGBTQ+ community’s iconic rainbow flag and it’s creator. Type With Pride celebrates LGBTQ+ activist and creator the rainbow flag, Gilbert Baker, who sadly passed away last year. To mark his passing and celebrate his life, NewFest and NYC Pride teamed up with Fontself to design a new typeface in his honour.

As well as designing the now world-famous flag, Gilbert was also known for helping create banners for protests and marches. To continue this legacy, the “Gilbert” typeface was developed and is free for anyone to download, intended to be held high at pride events, protests, and rallies around the world. It’s bright and bold design makes it perfect for shouting positive messages loud and proud!


Did you know the Rainbow Flag is now 40 years old? Origin stories range from the flag being inspired by university protests to Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. Since Gilbert designed the original flag, it has become an icon in itself, synonymous with LGBTQ+ pride and all that it stands for. Celebrating both the flag’s history and its design by immortalising it in a multifaceted typeface, the project allows this legacy to live on and is a fitting tribute to it’s designer.