Top 6 Design Books of 2016

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know I love a round-up and I love a good design book so for today's post I thought I would bring them both together and round up my favourite design books of 2016! Admittedly, I did mean to post this round-up when it was actually still 2016 but I got swept up in all the festivities and now here we are. And I couldn't skip the post as my design library has grown considerably in the past 12 months with a healthy mix of everything from reimagined classic formats and innovative new ideas, all of which I cant wait to share...

Decorate For A Party

Planning your next party is the perfect antidote to those unavoidable January blues and Leslie Shewring and Holly Becker's latest collaborative title has all the ideas you need to make your next gathering as meaningful as it is stylish.

How To Survive In The North

From the sheer pastel perfection of it's colour palette to the ingenious way it interweaves a historic voyage and a modern journey of self discovery, everything about How To Survive In The North by Luke Healy had me completely transfixed.

Where's Warhol?

At first, a spin on the classic Where's Wally? format didn't sound like my kind of thing however the collaborative talents of illustrator Andrew Rae and Catherine Ingram make Where's Warhol? a surprisingly enthralling and educational book to explore.

Don't Get A Job.... Make A Job

If you are graduating this Summer then I would definitely Dont Get a Job... Make a Job by Gem Barton now. By the time you graduate this Summer, you will have completely demolished the book and feel 100 times more equipped to enter today's creative industries!

The Journey

One my favourite books not just of the year but of all time, The Journey is the book the world needed in 2016. On Sunday, I will be posting an interview with it's creator Francesca Sanna so keep an eye out for that- it's a good one!


Lorena Alvarez's gorgeous illustrations alone make Nightlights a must have, but it's surprising change in tone takes it to a whole new level. What starts out as a seemingly innocent tale takes a dark turn to personify the deepest insecurities creatives possess.

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