Theatrical Fashion By Masha Reva

Kiev-based designer Masha Reva juxtaposes intense, contemporary textiles with with alien accessories and theatrical set design to create fresh, flamboyant fashion. Masha's work is part of a growing (and, in my book, very welcome) trend of unorthodox art direction in fashion. Rather than simply photographing her products, Masha builds an artwork around them. Starting with the pieces main fixture - the garment itself - and building upon it with everything from oversized glass slippers and and giant cardboard rocking horses to reptilian, wooden head dresses and regal-inspired 2D set pieces, a whole world is conjured up and captured in a single still.

With clear flair for theatrics, Masha's creations wouldn't look out of place on a stage. Masha's inspirations come from far and wide - motifs ranging from botanical leaves to regal jewels - so who knows where a play she created would take place. I am getting slightly carried away now as I haven't a clue whether Masha has the skill on inclination to write and play. But hey, even if every other aspect of a Masha Reva play was terrible, the visuals - from set to costumes, make-up to props - would be on point.

Contrary to her camouflaged design design style, fashion designer Masha Reva's portfolio of work is full of stand-out pieces. A favourite series from her large portfolio is the collaborations with Syndicate. Showing the concept of collaboration at it's very best, the two Kiev-based fashion brand's aesthetic fuse together to create one cohesive and wonderfully weird style. Like all great collaborations, these collections show off the best in both sides of the design duet and in this case emphasise not only Masha's theatrical flair but her passion for contemporary design and eye for the unorthodox.