The Tropical Wishlist

Taking over from last year's cactus obsession, the design world now seems transfixed on all things tropical. Every stylish stores that know what's good for them have jumped on this craze and leading the charge have been botanical styling company geo-fleur. Whether you are looking for the real-life exotic plant, a playfully patterned pot to keep one in or a less high maintenance version in the form of an illustrated print or pin, geo-fleur's online store is your new one-stop-shop for all your trendy, tropical needs. 

Geo-fleur's online store is so packed with botanical beauty that I thought to make things easier (and to give me an excuse to spend more time scrolling through their stylish store) I would round up some of my favourite items...

Mexican Donkey Tails | £9.50

Of course, geo-fleur are not the only ones selling tropical treasures. Here are a few of my top tropical picks from some of my other favourite online stores (and yes, I do know I have a online shopping problem and I am okay with it)...

Gold Foil Leaf Print | £15 | Hello Marilu

Arden Rose A4 Deskpad | £7.95 | Ohh Deer

Arden Rose A4 Notebook | £11.95 | Ohh Deer

Greenhouse Print | £7.96 | Anna Frois

Set of 4 Monstera Coasters | £10 | Abi Overland

Banana Leaves Pencil Case | £15.08 | AIY Shop

"Foliage" Notebook | £7.95 | Wrap Magazine

Blue Print Art Print | £75 | Kitty McCall

As well as window shopping online for this Summer's biggest trend, I have actually been buying some botanical bits and pieces too! Check back tomorrow when I will be sharing my plans for an entire tropical-themed room filled with leafy patterns and illustrated plants.