The Riso Club

I’ve been reviewing Ohh Deer’s Papergang stationery subscription service for quite a while now and so thought I should give another one a go (as well as the Papergang of course, not instead of - another unboxing is coming tomorrow!). I had seen a bit of buzz online about Risotto Studio’s Riso Club so I thought I would give it a go as I love illustrated prints, especially risograph-printed ones!

The Riso Club is a print subscription service where each month members are sent out 4 A5 prints introducing them to 4 new artists. Signing up also entitles you to access to the member’s lounge (which is filled with useful resources like tutorials and downloads), fast-track printing, first dibs on workshops and the chance to get your work featured. £6 a month just for the prints is good but with this heap of extra benefits the Riso Club is an undeniable bargain!

Here are my thoughts on the first 2 issues…

Issue 1 | Glasgow

Each issue is created by a group of artists from the one city and first up was Risotto Studio (and my own) hometown of Glasgow. Issue 1 included prints by Kimberley Grant, Lucy Payne, Mari Campistron and William Goldsmith all printed in Fluro pink, yellow and Federal blue. The prints featured everything from naked men bathing to kiwis, illustrated in an eclectic mixture of styles.

As soon as I started planning this post I decided I would pick a favourite from each package but I love 2 from issue 1 too much to to pick between them so I am having 2 favourites and that'll just have to be okay. First up, I love Mari Campistron’s print. It features a slightly random assortment of motifs (a camel, an ice cream, an Egyptian god and a kiwi - is there a connection I am missing?) illustrated in a graphic, playfully patterned style. It might sound odd, but I have a collection of Egyptian themed, blue and pink prints forming and when I eventually have enough rooms put them all up in one, this will be a perfect addition to the collection!

Secondly, Lucy Payne’s print of a slightly more everyday scene is another of my favourites.  The hectic textures and vibrant colour contrast brilliantly with the calmness of the scene itself. I remember spotting - and absolutely loving - Lucy’s work when she graduated last year from Glasgow School Art at the degree show and I think this print was originally part of her graduate collection. It’s always exciting when you see graduates involved in exciting projects and Lucy is the perfect fit for this fresh new venture!

Issue 2 | Soeul

Issue 2 introduce another fresh crop of artists' work with a new colour scheme too. Seoul based artists Corners, Hezin O, Jaemin Lee and Sera Yong all had there work riso-printed in bright red, medium blue, yellow and black for the second edition. All 4 prints were once again beautiful and featured everything from graphic 3D shapes to stylistic floral arrangements. 


This time I really am going to limit myself to pick just one favourite - Sera Yong’s bold primary-coloured design. Proving that less is indeed more, the print is the most simplistic of the lot, depicting a kind of abstract blob of red, white, yellow, blue and black. It’s simple but I love it and I think I think it would look wonderful as part of a gallery wall as it would balance some of the more intricately illustrated prints I would no doubt hang beside it. If you want it to, the Riso Club gifts you with a fresh gallery wall every month as there similar colour schemes make them guaranteed to sit nicely together whilst their varied styles keep things interesting. 


I was actually at the degree show of Risotto Studio's founder Gabriella Marcella (it was also my sister’s degree show) which doesn't feel like that long ago so to have seen how far it has come since then is amazing! Gabriella had already proven herself as a pro printer and talented designer and, with this new service, I can confirm she is a pretty excellent curator too! Risotto is already Scotland’s leading Risograph printer and this new addition to the studio is another flawless step on their path world riso-domination!

You can become a member of The Riso Club here.

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted the prints featured in this post by the team at Risotto Studio but all opinions are 100% my own.