The Land of Nod by Robert Hunter & Robert Louis Stevenson

For their latest project together, Flying Eye Books and Robert Hunter have teamed up to reimagine a classic children's poem. By putting a contemporary illustrative spin on The Land of Nod by Robert Louis Stevenson, they have created a picturebook which introduces the work of of a beloved Scottish author to a whole new generation by conjuring up a dreamlike universe for them to explore. 

In The Land of Nod, the artwork and words intertwine to tell the tale of a young boy who is forced to stay in doors by illness and so seeks comfort in the land his mind dreams up whilst he is asleep. Whilst he sleeps, the boy's imagination is set free and conjures up an army of living toys as well as giant paper aeroplanes and flying trains to help the boy escape his worries. The fast-paced adventure and uncontrollable fun levels are offset by a calming colour scheme of dreamy pastel hues. The pink and blue sunset present throughout makes the book as relaxing in as it is entertaining - perfect for helping to send readers (young and old) off into their very own land of nod!

The theme of dreaming seems to be popular with Nobrow and Flying Eye Books at the moment with both The Land of Nod and Nightlights telling tales youthful escapism. Other than this common thread however, the pair of titles couldn't be more different as the little boy's land of nod is pretty and comforting whilst what Sandy creates with her nightlights is much more dark and moody. Releasing two dream-themed books at the same time actually taps into the original concept of Robert Louis Stevenson's Poem as it is all about how unique and interesting dreams truly are and this shows just how much (and how differently) dreaming can inspire. 

As this little blog will soon be overflowing with festive features, reviews and round-ups (my 12 Days of Blogmas series starts tomorrow!), this will be my last picturebook review of 2016 and I'm glad it has worked out this way as it means I get to end with one of my favourite books of the year! Reading any Robert Hunter book is a immersive experience and adding Robert Louis Stevenson's intoxicating text into the mix only intensifies the experience. Despite being born in completely different eras, the two Roberts make the perfect creative duo! And if feel you need more of Robert Hunter's work in your life then you're in luck as his first full graphic novel with Nobrow Press, Map Of Days, is being republished soon. In the meantime, if you are an illustration/ poetry/ dreaming enthusiast then The Land of Nod should most definitely be at the very top of your Christmas wishlist!

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