The Good Pin Club

The Good Pin Club is a subscription service which looks to make a difference to the world by harnessing the power of creativity. Every 2 months, the club releases a pin set designed by a different illustrator with 100% of the profits going directly to a different charity each time. In the past year, enamel pins have taken over the design world. Countless design brands have jumped on the trend-wagon and released their own line of pins. Few however have used the trend for as much good as as The Good Pin Company. 


The club was founded by designer Angie Fu and illustrator Olenka Malarecka. With the help of the creative community, their aim is to promote the incredible efforts of non-profit organisations and show that getting involved in the non-profit sector can be e. Aware of the fact that large investments of money or time aren’t viable for the majority of people, the creative pair came up with The Good Pin Club as a easy way for anyone to show their support.

The club’s success will always be dependant on the calibre of creative talent who agree to collaborate. Unsurprisingly, lots of super talents illustrators have been keen to get involved with the wonderful project. The club’s roster already includes the likes of Rune Fisker, Eleni Kalorkoti, Monica Garwood, Angie Shen and Kate Pugsley. The next illustrator to join The Good Pin Club has already been announced as artist Ping Zhu with all profits being donated to the National Immigration Law Centre. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 23.48.52.png

Harnessing creative talents in order to make a real difference in the world is always a good idea. We need more projects like The Good Pin Club in the world! The idea for the project is so inspiring and it makes you wonder what good you could do with the tools and skillset at your disposal. The Good Pin Club brilliant concept has been flawlessly executed with a few of their creative friends and I cannot wait to see what pin-shaped delights they conjure up next!

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