The Botanical Bedroom

As I mentioned in my last post, I am obsessed with the tropical trend which seems to have engulfed the design world this Summer. So much so that I have decided when I move into my new flat in Dundee to start university, I want a botanical-inspired bedroom. Part of me thinks this is genius as who doesn't want to be surrounded by luscious leaves and wild animals all the time? The other part of my thinks a tropical design scheme will look odd in the middle of a Scottish Winter and that all the colourful patterns will make my head hurt. Either way, I'm doing it!

The beetle poster was from a free Urban Outfitters SHEET zine a few years ago and the G print is a free printable design from Homey Oh My but everything else in the moodboard above is available online. The leaf print by Sandra Dieckmann and panther mug were actually gifts from Flying Eye Books and Abi Overland and I can't wait to have a suitable tropical home for them to live in! The rest I have either bought already or plan to soon. For information on where to find all the items, follow the links below...

A3 Leaf Running Print | £22 | Sandra Dieckmann

Peering Panther Mug | £35 | Abi Overland


Metal Candlestick | £8.99 | H&M

Leopard Stash Box | £6 | Urban Outfitters

Gold & Grey Tiger Print | £15 | Jacqueline Colley

Patterned Cotton Rug | £24.99 | H&M

Houseplants Screen Print | £15 | Jacqueline Colley

Animal Ceramics | £9.95 - £37.75 | Ohh Deer

A3 Botanical Print | £30 | Abi Overland

Incorporating illustration into interior design is something I love both doing and writing about and a while back I wrote a little piece on the subject for the 91 Magazine blog which you can read here. Finding illustrated prints, patterned textiles and quirky accessories that work together and dreaming up new interiors for them all is one of my favourite things to do so expect more blog posts like this soon.