The Bear Bedroom

My second semester at art school in Dundee ended a wee while ago and since then I have been back in my hometown of Glasgow for the Summer. I have decided to give my bedroom here a bit of a refresh so I thought today I would share a little bit about my plans for the space...

bedroom copy.jpg

My bedroom currently has an accidental reindeer theme to it. I bought one deer-themed print when I first decorated it and since then it seems to have snowballed a little. For the new scheme, I have switched things up a little, swapping out the heard of deer drawings for a sleuth of illustrated bears. 

Another change I want to make is adding a little more colour to the space. At the moment the colour scheme is dark greys and blues but I want to lighten it up with a more mid-toned blues and bursts of yellows, oranges and reds to warm things up a little. 

Below is a bit more information about my plans for the room as well as a few link to the art, soft furnishings and materials I'll be using...

Marble Duvet Covers | £25 | Urban Outfitters

A3 Leaf Print | £22 | Sandra Dieckmann

Rodarv Cushion | £20 | IKEA

Blackboard Paint | £8 | Amazon

A5 Bear Print | £8 | Sandra Dieckmann

A3 Risograph Bob Print | £9.95 | Ohh Deer


Blind Drawing | My Own Design

Ormhassel Blanket | £15 | IKEA

Ball-shaped Cactus | £25 | IKEA

Turill Cushion | £1.95 | IKEA

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 02.03.37.jpg

Bear Illustration | My Own Design


The Colour Scheme

I will be sure to share some photos of the room refresh over on my Instagram so make sure you are following for that. I love writing about interiors and whilst I don't have an endless amount of rooms to constantly be redecorating, I do plan to do lots more blogging about incorporating illustration into interior design in future.