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Papegang Box No.16

After a post talking all about me and my own work, today I am going back to something I am much more comfortable with - oohing over beautiful stationery! I feel a little late to the paper party with this unboxing as this box actually came out in June but it took it’s time getting to me so I only received it a few days ago. July’s box is actually on it's way to me too now so I better get a move on and tell you all about box 16.

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Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann

I haven’t written a book review in quite some time but today I’ve got an absolute beaut of a book to share with you - Sandra Dieckmann’s debut picture book Leaf. Sandra has been sharing the occasional teaser on her social media for a while that she was working on her first book written and illustrated so my excitement has been building for quite some time. Earlier in the year, when she revealed that it would be published by my favourite children’s book publisher Flying Eye Books, I became even more confident that we were in for a literary treat and it has not disappointed!

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French Inspiration

Today I'm sharing a few artful highlights from my trip to France. I spent the first couple of weeks travelling around France, visiting Montpellier, Vioron, Lyon, Grenoble, Toulouse and Carcassonne and along the way my lucky little eyes were treated to many colourful and inspiring sights. I really want to write about my time in both Spain and France and share more on the artists I found and things I learnt whilst away but for now (as it is already almost a month since I got home) here are a few of my things I miss about France...

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