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7 LGBTQ+ Designers

As it's officially Pride Month, all this week I have a whole host of pride-themed blog posts. My aim is to celebrate the rainbow community - I learnt this term whilst researching the content and I like it alot - in all it's glory, starting with a list of some of my favourite LGBTQ+ creatives...

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Type With Pride

Over the last few days of June, which is officially LGBTQ+ Pride Month, I I have a few pride-themed posts planned. Today’s is all about a colourful typographic project which celebrates the LGBTQ+ community’s iconic rainbow flag and it’s creator. Type With Pride celebrates LGBTQ+ activist and creator the rainbow flag, Gilbert Baker, who sadly passed away last year. To mark his passing and celebrate his life, NewFest and NYC Pride teamed up with Fontself to design a new typeface in his honour.

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Cocolia Studio

While I am in Barcelona (in case you missed my previous post, I am currently 6 weeks through a 2 month stay in this beautiful city) I am keen to feature artists from this neck of the woods - starting with Barcelona-based design studio Cocolia. I have been been following the work of Raul Ramos and Mireia Ruiz - the creative duo who make up Cocolia - for a while now and when I recently realised they were based in Barcelona I knew the time had finally come for me to blog about their amazing work!

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