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10 Female Creative Bloggers

When I first thought of the idea for today's post - a list of my favourite female bloggers to celebrate International Women's Days 2017 - I wasn't sure if it would seem odd coming from a male blogger or come across as if I was just jumping on the bandwagon of a popular hashtag. Obviously, I decided to go ahead with the post and this was thanks to the encouragement of some female fellow creatives.

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Hello Barcelona!

Today I am finally getting round to properly writing about something I have been doing for an entire month now - living in Barcelona! I am now 1 month in to a 2 month stay in Barcelona and feeling very lucky to be able to call this beautiful bohemian city my temporary home. So why am I in Barcelona? The short answer is "I'm here for an adventure!". The slightly longer answer is, I have come to Barcelona with a few creative friends for a couple of months dedicated to writing, designing, blogging and generally being creative!

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