Spring Favourites 2018

At the end of March, I was too busy preparing for my art school hand-in to put together a monthly favourites post so this month's is a double bill. I know I could have just skipped a month but I promised I would create a favourites-themed illustration for every month this year. Plus, too many great things happened in March to skip it!

As it is a double-bill, that means 2 illustrations, starting with a classic round-up... 


When I wasn't doing uni work in March and April, I spent a lot of time planning what I wanted to do during my ridiculously long Summer. I have lots of creative plans for the next few months which I will be sharing very soon. You can see a few clues as to what creative adventures I might be embarking on above as well as a couple of hints at what my favourite television show, musician and book have been.

Here is a little bit more on my favourite...


Hand-in day

My favourite day from the 2 months was definitely Saturday the 21st of April. In the morning, I handed in all of my work in for assessment and after that I went to Perth with one of my best friends and spent the rest of the day looking at dinosaurs and drinking wine. The illustration above was part of the portfolio of work I handed in, all of which i will be sharing more on soon. 


My Bob Cushion

Technically I received my "Bob" cushion (illustrated by Ohh Deer co-founder Jamie Mitchell) months ago but I only took it out of its packaging a few weeks ago. I was waiting until I was back in Glasgow for the Summer so that I could fully appreciated it. The cushion has even inspired a new design scheme for my bedroom I'll be blogging about soon too.


Sam Smith

I have been a fan of Sam Smith for a while now but my love for his music reached new heights when I saw him in concert in Glasgow at the end of March. The show was filled with drama, outfit-changes and the most amazing live vocals I have ever heard. My favourite moment came at the end of HIM (one of my favourites) when the entire crowd in all the colours of the rainbow. 

Dalston Monsterzz

I  am pretty sure I have included Dalston Monsterzz in a monthly favourites before but I thought I would throw it in again. I wrote an essay about it for uni during March and it made me realise just how cleverly-told and visually engaging a story it is. I didn't have time to read many other books but I have a pile of brand new beauties from Nobrow Press I will be reviewing very soon. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 09.58.43.png

Kiss Me First

My favourite TV show from the last few months and the most original TV show I have seen in years is Kiss Me First. The show follows Leila, a lonely 17 girl who becomes addicted to a virtual reality game called Azana and in the process gets involved in a mysterious virtual cult with terrifying real-life consequences. The show is partly animated, adding to the intrigue of the Black-Mirror-esque world it takes place in.


The Pass

I am terrible for getting lost in the black hole that is Netflix. A lot of the time this results in bingeing outdated romantic comedies but occasionally I do happen upon a film of quality. The Pass was one of these! Starring Russell Tovey, the film follows the lives of 2 footballers over 3 different nights, each several years apart. The film originated as a play, accounting for it's limited cast and at times slightly melodramatic tone - both of which I loved. 



I have definitely included pink as a favourite colour of the month before but who cares - I love it! We had a guest speaker come into uni recently to talk to us about trends. Apparently the film The Grand Budapest Hotel is responsible for pinks huge increase in popularity. The Wes Anderson film's iconic scenes were infused with pink, sparking a design trend I am definitely a fan of!

Sushi Fashion

My favourite thing from my wardrobe to wear over the last few months has been my sushi patch sweatshirt. Unfortunately, they aren't selling the sweatshirt any more but they do have a t-shirt version which I am also kind of tempted by. I am developing a bit of an obsession with illustrated patches, I even wrote a whole wishlist about them for Inkygoodness which you can read here


Risotto at The Lighthouse

My final highlight from the past two months was the amazing exhibition Risotto Studio have put on at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. They have filled the space with amazing, super-Instagrammable patterned walls as well as hundreds of examples of the versatility of risography. In fact,  I loved it so much it inspired the second illustration for this favourites double bill.

Whilst it was a complete accident, I have really enjoyed the challenge of making 2 different illustration for this favourites double bill. I plan to go back to a favourites post a month but it is good to know it can be fun to double-up from time to time. .

I already have lots of exciting plans so see you in a few weeks for another illustrated favourites!