September Papergang Unboxing

I have 2 firsts for me as a blogger today - the first in a new monthly Papergang unboxing series and the first time I have used my own photography in a post. Photography is something I want to do a lot more of (it is one of 21 things I want to do whilst I am 21) and today seemed like an ideal time to start as the Papergang boxes are always ridiculously photogenic.

Incase you didn't know, Papergang is Ohh Deer's monthly stationery subscription service. Each month, you get a surprise selection of stationery worth over £20 for just £9.95. I signed up last month as I couldn't resist the sound of August's marble themed box and fully intended on cancelling it after as I definitely don't need any more stationery. Unsurprisingly, I couldn't bring myself to cancel it and so yesterday I received September's ombre themed edition and from the look of the contents, it doesn't seem like I'll be cancelling any time soon...


September's box included a "My Week" turquoise ombre planner, a sheet of Zoological gift wrap, "Let's get this shit done" post-it notes, a risograph October calendar print, a "Hedgehugging greetings card and an "It's Your Birthday" greetings card - quite the selection!  

Whilst the ombre part of the theme was released beforehand, the running-theme of quirky, playful animals (an Ohh Deer staple) was a very welcome surprise. I loved beautifully designed patterns as much as I do stationery so I was particularly happy to see the wrapping paper designed by Jessica Willan was included. An assortment of colourful animals loitering around in party hats - what more could you want?

As soon as I saw this month's tactile ombre packaging, I knew this one was going to be a good'n. Flipping the package over, I saw there was a cut-out origami unicorn to make. This little touches show that Ohh Deer aren't just quirky but contemporary and innovative too.

The star of the show in this month's box was undoubtedly the Ombre "My Week" diary designed by Ohh Deer co-founder Jamie Mitchell although I have to admit I was a little confused at first. Why does it have a plastic dust jacket with a zip on it? A quick scroll through the #papergang instagram feed and I gathered that the diary infact doubled as a pencil case. Genius!

Another highlight is the October calendar print which is a beautiful, almost neon, warm pink. I'll need to find a little clip frame to pop this in as you get one each month and I am in it for the long haul. In terms of low-lights, this month there weren't really any for me. I am not sure what occasion calls for a "Hedgehugging" card but I love anything woodland themed so I am sure I will find one. I am not sure this quite matches up to last months copper and marble box which may as well have been themed "a blogger's dream" but it comes as close as is possible. I'm wishing away the weeks between now and the next box already!


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