Sandra Dieckmann


Like lots of the artful things I am featuring in this year's festive content, I love Sandra Dieckmann's work all year round. In fact, I think I would go as far as to say she is my favourite illustrator. I have included Sandra's amazing work in many blog posts but (for reasons that are beyond me) I have never designated an entire post to it. As her portfolio is filled with magical woodland scenes, Christmas seems the perfect time for feature on her work and so today I thought I would round-up a few of my favourites pieces.

Visually, there is a good balance of cohesiveness and experimentation within Sandra's portfolio. Her signature style is intensely detailed, hand drawn and coloured. Over the past couple of years, Sandra has added slight variations of her style into the mix. Playing with paint and toying with ceramics, she has kept herself creatively motivated and her portfolio fresh. Throughout everything which Sandra creates however, there is always subtle geometric shapes, adding an element of Scandinavian simplicity to Sandra's intricate pencil work.

The piece above, entitled "The Unsleeping Dream" is my top pick from Sandra's extensive portfolio. Illustrated by my favourite illustrator and featuring my favourite animal, it is pretty much my dream illustration! I have an a3 print of it (as well as many of Sandra's other illustrations) hanging in my house and never get bored of gazing at it's endless detail.

What I love about the piece so much is that is on the face of it quite a simple, nature-inspired illustration but yet hints at something far more magical. This theme is also consistent in much of Sandra's work. The characters within her illustrations aren't particularly otherworldly but the way charming way animals interact and majestic way the wind blows elevates each piece to somewhere much more magical than our own world.