Sara Andreasson

A bold drawing style, unorthodox colour palette and dash of abstraction all go in to creating the striking illustration style of Swedish artist Sara Andreasson. And with a client list including Apple, The New York Times and Converse, the combination of these elements has clearly proven to be a winning formula. 

Particularly noteworthy about Sara's aesthetic is her clever use of colour as tones which should surely clash manage to work in harmony with one another. Take the images above for example; the combination of bright red and blue, deep caramel, dark brown, bubblegum pink and a muted mint should be off-putting but instead add extra intrigue to piece. Throughout Sara's portfolio, these unorthodox combinations mean there is plenty of depth to explore in even to the simplest of compositions.

The often fiery colour combinations work particularly well when depicting one of Sara's favourite subject matters - strong women. Clearly a passion of hers, this subject is at the heart of BBY magazine, a pulication which Sara co-edits with art historian Josefine Hardstedt. Reclaiming the word "baby" and turning it from a term which infantilises women to one which empowers them, BBY magazine aims to create more opportunities for female artists and challenge the male-dominated power structures within today's society.

I am usually most fascinated most by artworks that transport me to a whole new world but I find Sara's perspective on our own just as intriguing. Filled with abstract scenery, accentuated figures and clever colour-ways which guide the eye, each of the artworks Sara creates is a loud yet wordless statement.