Rebooting The Blog

Headless Greg will be going through some changes over the next few months. I have plans for a kind of gradual relaunch over Spring/ Summer including a couple of exciting new additions to the site. First though, I want to get the blog back on track. The last several months have been very quiet around here but that is all about to change.

Originally this blog post was going to be a little different. It started with a little apology for being so inconsistent with blogging recently. However, after reading a post by Emma Jane Palin (which you can read here), I decided to switch things up and go for a more positive approach. Whilst the post does still include some explanations of what I have been so busy doing over the past 6 months that has kept me from blogging, it isn't negative or apologetic. Instead it is an optimistic look towards the future.

Whilst I have been too busy to actually blog recently, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to blog about which is what I will be sharing today. Here is what you can expect for the Headless Greg blog in future…


The biggest change I want to make to the Headless Greg blog is I want it to include more of me. Don’t worry, I am not going to be filling this space with self-indulgent content venting my every thought. What I will be doing is sharing a lot more of my own creations! I have completed an entire year at art school now and have a rapidly growing portfolio of work I am eager to share.

Whilst it is the biggest and most exciting change, it is also the scariest. I am - and maybe always will be - more confident shouting about other creatives’ work than I am even whispering about my own. That said, my creative confidence has grown tonnes during my first year at art school. And I am looking forward to the challenge of sharing my work in a variety of interesting ways. When did I draw the weird horse above? And why? stay tuned and you will find out.



Sharing more of my actual life is something I am keen to do too! Firstly, my illustrated monthly favourites series is definitely staying. I missed March but it'll be back with a special double bill at the end of April. 

More than sharing my favourite food and film each month though, I want to dig a little deeper. There are a number of current topics I regularly discuss in real life but I have never added to the important conversations happening online. Mental health is something I am particularly passionate about and there are countless other subjects I will be covering in the coming months.


Illustration by Sandra Dieckmann


Just in case you thought I had become completely self centred during my blog break, don’t worry I do remember other illustrators exist! I will still be sharing the work of my favourite illustrators too. The motto of Headless Greg has always been that everything in life is better with a healthy dose of illustration and that will definitely stay at the core of all the content I create.



Fashion - specifically men’s fashion - is something I have become increasingly interested in over the last year and I want the blog to reflect this. Wishlists of the many, many things I want to buy right now, my own slant on fashion illustrations and maybe even my own creative flurry into the world of fashion are all on the to-do list. 


Interior Design

Another area of design I am completely obsessed with and do not write about enough is interior design. One of my favourite posts I have ever created was the botanical bedroom mood board I shared last year (which you can read here). I have plans for lots more like it as well as a bunch of other features all about illustration-centric interiors.


Dalston Monsterzz by Dilraj Mann


Book reviews used to be one of the staples on Headless Greg but now I cant remember the last time I wrote one. They are coming back with a vengeance as I am still completely obsessed with beautifully printed publications! Nobrow Press (and their sister company Flying Eye Books) have always been one of my favourite publishers and I am cooking up a new blog series with them which I am very excited about. 


Pattern design by Jacqueline Colley


Whilst my addiction to stationery is still going strong, this is actually one of the areas I am toning down a tad. My Papergang series - as lovely as it was to create - has come to an end for now at least. Whilst I will definitely still be sharing some beautiful paper products, I am looking forward to shifting the focus onto different areas of design I haven’t covered as much so far. 


Street art by Remi Rough


One of the reasons for the lack of content on Headless Greg has been my commitments to Inkygoodness. Inkygoodness was the first ever blog I wrote for years ago and I rejoined the team as assistant editor last September. I am so happy to be back and loving getting to create a different style of content for the site. Headless Greg and Inkygoodness have always remained very separate but I would like to link the two up in some small ways in future.



Whilst dreaming up all my new content for the blog, I have been thinking about the blogs I love reading. People like Fran Nerd, Natasha Nuttall and Emma Jane Palin always keep me entertained by sharing the creative adventures they embark on. Whether it is a trip abroad or a day drawing in the park, I want to start documenting my own creative adventures big and small!

In doing so, I also want to reinforce the roots of Headless Greg. I study in Dundee and live non-term time in Glasgow. I am from Scotland and very proud of it. There is so much culture around me just waiting to be soaked up and shared. So expect a lot more posts about the Scottish creative scene too.


My plans for the blog boil down into 2 main categories - writing about my life as a creative and writing about the amazing creatives around me. Looking at the hefty list above, I know it will be a lot of work to get the blog to a place my perfectionist little brain is happy with but it is work I am excited to do!

I am also hoping that having this post as concrete evidence of my the plan I have promised myself I will follow through with till keep my on track. For now at least, I am feeling more excited to blog than I have in quite some time so stay tuned for more very soon.