Playing With Food by Louise Lockhart

Illustrator and creative entrepreneur Louise Lockhart’s latest project comes in the form of a colourful activity book aimed at getting kids talking about and drawing food. Playing With Food includes all kinds of activities - such as drawing midnight feasts, imagining dream desserts, printing with cauliflower and food-based memory games - all with the aim of gently encouraging them to think about their relationship with what they eat.

Louise Lockhart’s colourful illustration style is perfect for engaging kids and adults alike. Collaging together a mixture of textures and marks with hand-drawn pieces, Louise creates rustic artworks which are perfect for this titles organic subject matter. Add in her vibrant colour choices and you have the recipe for excitable artworks with the ability to turn everyday meals into extraordinary creative adventures.

This upbeat aesthetic can also be found across Louise’s stationery brand. Born out of a frustration with the lack of good old fashioned paper party games, The Printed Peanut stocks an assortment of artful paper goods including notebooks, cards, mugs and, of course, the iconic pass the parcels. 

Playing With Food isn't Louise’s first venture into the world of publishing either. Her debut picture book and one of my favourite books of 2015, Up My Street takes the reader on a nostalgic trip down Britain's forgotten high streets. Coming in at just over 100 pages, Playing With Food allowed for much more experimentation and is all the better for it. The variety of hand-drawn figures, mark filled patterns, striking info graphics and tactile textures means the book’s aesthetic is as varied as it’s subject matter.

To fully appreciate Playing With Food you must see it in all it’s rainbow-coloured glory and have a good old sniff of it’s pages! Once you do get your hands on a copy, you are sure to find the best thing about it is it is only half finished. As you go along and complete the variety of food-themed games the book will transform into a child’s food journal and in time a memory book for sentimental parents to have a flick through in years to come.

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