Peter Judson

When it comes to illustration, I tend to favour work that is filled with rough marks and spontaneous texture, and so I was a little surprised as to how transfixed I became upon discovering the portfolio of London based illustrator Peter Judson. After examining Peter's sleek, digitally-finished portfolio in greater detail (as you can see, each piece has a whole lot of detail to explore), I found that what fascinated me about Peter's style was the way he manages - without using any texture - to create lively artworks which are filled with energy.

This energy comes in a variety of forms throughout Peter's portfolio. In projects such as the poster he created to celebrate the therapeutic nature of colouring-in, the liveliness comes from the intense patterns which are tightly packed into each section of the graphic whilst in his balance project, there is more of a physical tension as the mind can't help but view the objects in motion. Clever tricks like this bring Peter's creations to life and set his work apart from the rest. 

My favourite artworks from Peter's growing portfolio are the illustrated interior spaces. Packed with pattern-filled geometric shapes and bold colour combinations, the spaces feel both slightly retro and futuristic at the same time. I imagine that when Peter goes about constructing one of these spaces in his head, he first must dream up a whole team of workers to get each element right, dreaming up architects and builders to first construct the space and then interior decorators to pick the perfect colour scheme and surface pattern designers to create the bold soft furnishings. Once this whole process has played out in his head, he simply projects what he sees onto the screen and a few clicks later it is there for all to enjoy. In reality, I am sure that Peter just has all of the necessary tools in his skill set and the process is much more fiddly, but it isn't impossible that he employs a small army of creatives in his mind.

In real life, Peter's varied skill set has been tested as he has dabbled in a few different specialisms. Collaborating with Print All Over Me gave him the chance to create a fashion collection inspired by his school days whilst being invited back with a group of fellow graduates to design a creative garden space for Kingston University saw his landscaping skills put to the test. The latter project is something I definitely hope to see more of. Once again having wandered off aimlessly, my mind is now in a place where Peter gets to hire a real life team to help him build his very own big bold block of multi-coloured flats. Wherever they are situated, if this dream ever becomes a reality then sign me up - I'm moving in!