Papergang Box No.19


Happy October everyone! To kick off a month which I want to be filled with lots more blogging than September I have a brand new Papergang unboxing to share. I do a Papergang unboxing every month but often forget to explain what it actually is so to recap - the Papergang is a stationery subscription service from Ohh Deer and I love it a lot!

Box no. 19 was created in collaboration with illustrator and surface pattern designer Natasha Durley and was "midnight jungle" themed. I was a huge fan of the tropical trend that swept through the design world this Summer (it gifted me so much blog content!) and so I was very excited when I saw Ohh Deer were taking it in a darker, more Autumnal direction with this new collection.


The first teaser for the Papergang's 19th box came a few weeks ago in the form of this gorgeous pattern above. Filled with a troop of tropical creatures conjured in an array of deep hues with pops of hot pink and coral, the pattern was an enticing introduction to this collaborative box. The box itself arrived on my doorstep just the other day and - much to my delight - was covered in this beauty of a pattern.

Here are my thoughts on all the different bits it included...

  • First off, the sheet of gift wrap was covered in the box's signature pattern and is therefore a thing of extreme beauty! It's filled with tactile texture and a range of lush colours it will give a lush finish to any gift. After all, who doesn't want to receive a present covered in elephants and snakes!?

  • A coaster was something the Papergang had never included before but September was the month. Covered in birds of every colour of the rainbow, the coaster will add a splash of happy sunshine to any interior.

  • The calendar print is something Ohh Deer have include in every box and it is always beautifully designed. Birds took centre stage again as they were picked out in neon orange ink on top of a base of blue textures and shapes. I'll have to wait until November to use it but I want wait to display it on my wall.

  • The deskpad was the biggest item in this month's box and probably my favourite! Sections for planning your week, writing to do lists, doodling and taking notes are interwoven with botanical details to make a stunning addition to any desk. I already have a deskpad (also from Ohh Deer) on my desk at home so I will be taking this one in to show off to all my similarly stationery addicted classmates.

  • A set of stickers has become another Papergang classic. This months vibrant bird stickers are perfect for customising your deskpad with an extra pop of tropical!

  • Finally, the Papergang also keep your stock of greetings cards filled with illustrated beauty. This month's was featured the "midnight jungle" patten emblazoned with "It's Party Time" and is suitable for many occasions (as long as it is hosted by someone with good design taste of course).


Overall this month's box was worth over £20 and cost just £10.95 to subscribers - as always, a bloody good deal! Plus there is all sorts of free content on the Papergang blog like desktop backgrounds (the laptop I am typing on now is cover in the pattern I love) and interviews with each month's artist. This month Natasha chatted about everything from her love of bugs to choice of colour palettes but my favourite part of her interview was her advice to illustrators who are just starting out...

"Work hard, remember to do self-initiated projects you love, and most of all, stick with it. It will all work out in the end! It took me quite a few years after I graduated to feel like I could comfortably call myself an Illustrator. It was a tough time, but I carried on working on my portfolio and putting my work out there. I learnt so much on my degree course and met a lot of talented and inspiring people. There is no way I would be the illustrator I am now if it wasn't for my degree."

- Natasha Durley

As someone just starting out on their illustration journey at art school, these words of wisdom were very much appreciated. I feel like I am running out of things to say about the Papergang boxes as I have loved the last several so much. Their success I think has been in teaming with such talented creatives like Natasha and changing things up with unusual themes each month. They are on a roll and long may it continue! |

Disclaimer: The Papergang box included in this post was kindly gifted to me by the team at Ohh Deer but all opinions are 100% my own.