Papergang Box No.18


I've been back from my week away in Spain for 2 days now and the holiday blues have definitely set in. Everyone knows though that the best cure for holiday blues is a fresh box of stationery and, as luck would have it, the latest edition of Ohh Deer's stationery subscription service was waiting for me upon my return. August's Papergang box was created in collaboration with Ohh Deer favourite Gemma Correll and was just as funny and pug-filled as I hoped it would be!

Box no.18 included 3 pens, a pack of post-it notes, an A5 notepad, a 4 pack of stickers, a greetings card and a Risograph calendar print all illustrated in Gemma's signature illustration style which fans of Ohh Deer will no doubt be familiar with. This box felt nice and full and there was lots of different bits and bobs to ooh-over so I wasn't surprised that the contents was worth £23.85. To subscribers the box cost just £9.95 and I can only imagine this was pretty popular one as with Gemma Correll on board you are guaranteed something stylish and adorable.


I enjoyed going through each item in my last Papergang unboxing (I love a good list) so thought I would do the same again this time...

  • This month's greetings card featured 4 of my favourite things - laziness, crisps, puns and pugs! Swap the gender and you basically have future me on a greetings card and I'm okay with it.

  • I have used the notepad that was included I included the Arden Rose box a few months ago more than anything else I have received from the Papergang so I was very happy to get another one this month. I look forward to having the slightly awkward looking girl and angry little pug watch over all of my lists.

  • And this month's calendar print featured the same design as the notepad so the same duo can keep track of my dates too.

  • One of my favourite items from box 18 is definitely the adorable sticker set. The designs feature pugs (of course), cats, bunnies, teapots and slippers alongside slogans like "me time" and "duvet queen". There is definitely a cosy feel to this new Gemma Correll collection which is very fitting for it's Autumn release.

  • The smallest but potentially cutest item from the box was the little pack of post-it notes. The female character on the post-its (who I assume is based on Gemma herself) is also featured on several other bits and pieces and adds a quirky cohesiveness to the collection.

  • Finally, it's not technically included in the box but it is worth mentioning that the Papergang also release a free downloadable desktop wallpaper each month on their blog to coincide with each box's theme. This month's wallpaper was covered in a pattern made up of the sticker designs and you can download it here.


Her consistently brilliant illustration style makes Gemma Correll my kind of illustrator and based on the interview she did with Ohh Deer on the Papergang blog, she sounds like my kind of person too. Not only does she love pugs and clearly have a great sense of humour but she is humble about her phenomenal success too. This is shown most clearly when asked about being an "illustration sensation"...

“Well, to be honest, I don't feel like an "illustration sensation" - I'm just at home, drawing and eating peanut butter out of the jar most of the time. I never expected to make a career out of art and even now that I have, I'm still amazed that I actually get paid for my doodles.”

- Gemma Correll

This charming attitude makes me all the happier that Ohh Deer have chosen to collaborate with Gemma again. This was the second Gemma Correll special from the Papergang and I can only hope that there will be another next year! |


Disclaimer: The box featured in this post was kindly gifted to me by the team at Ohh Deer but all opinions are 100% my own.