Papergang Box No.23


For their first Papergang box of 2018, Ohh Deer have teamed up with one of my favourite ever illustrators. Queen of the tropical trend Jacqueline Colley was invited to collaborate on the stationery subscriptions 23rd box. And as expected, Jacqueline created a beautiful collection featuring plenty of plants as well as the odd dinosaur!

As if having Jacqueline on board wasn't exciting enough, January’s edition also included something that had never been included in a Papergang box before - an enamel pin badge. As well as the badge, the box came packed with deskpad, a pencil, a set of stickers and roll of washi tape. In total the contents was worth £21.30 and cost just £10.95 to subscribers. Jacqueline’s box sold out before it was even released but all items - as well as the box as a whole - will soon be available from Ohh Deer online.

Here are my thoughts on everything included in January’s box…

  • The biggest item in this month’s box was a deskpad featuring an array of colourful motifs. The clever design added lots of personality to the pad without distracting from the tasks at hand - practical and pretty!

  • The sticker pack included this month allows you to add Jacqueline’s colourful characters to whatever you want. The array of illustrated icons include pink bears, flamingo floats, adorable dinosaurs and vintage cars. Picking what deserves such a beautiful embellishment might be tricky but whatever you add Jacqueline delicate drawings to will be infinitely more quirky and stylish because of it.

  • The exotic feel of this months design scheme is bound to have you dreaming of escaping to a sunnier climate. Luckily, Ohh Deer also included a typographically-designed pencil to inspire you to do just that. The wooden pencil is embellished with the words “road trip plans” in metallic foil. It’s perfect for scribbling down all the details of the adventures you are planning for the year ahead!

  • As always, the box included a risograph calendar print. This month’s a completely different design from the rest of the box. The pink and turquoise, cacti-covered print has a fresh feel to it. It sets you up for a bright and trendy March 2018.

  • Another Ohh Deer regular that doesn't actually come inside the box is their monthly desktop wallpaper. Each month, they release a different free downloadable design and this month’s was a beautiful pastel toned Palm Spring themed pattern. I currently have it as the backdrop to me writing this post and I love it some much I doubt I will be able to bring myself to change it even if next months is a stunner.

  • I am a little bit addicted to all things stationery related but washi tape is perhaps by biggest weakness. I have pencil cases full of rolls of tape - many of which are from Ohh Deer - but rarely actually use them. I will be sure to find a project for this new roll though as the icons are too adorable to stay rolled up.

  • Saving the best for last, the final item is also my favourite. The pin badge design of a beautiful little salmon coloured car is an inspired and unusual addition to the stationery box. I have a little collection of enamel pins growing and plan to cover a bag in them one day. For now, the stylish little car will be taking pride of place on my jacket pocket!


The final thing included in each Papergang box is a little leaflet. This month’s included an interview with Jacqueline Colley about her creative process. In the interview, Jacqueline talks excitedly about the new range...

“Springs is my spiritual home I’ve decided! I finally took a road trip there in 2016 and it totally surpassed my expectations; the architecture, the cacti varieties it feels like a fantasy, it couldn’t possibly be real life! I want to go back so bad!! So to placate myself, I put all my favourite things into a ‘Palm Springs’ print, I then made the accompanying ‘road trip’ print about our ‘Pilgrimage’ there! My fave thing is probably the Flamingo Pool Float! Believe it or not I really reigned myself in, I could have added so much more!”

- Jacqueline Colley

You can read the the full interview with Jacqueline here


As soon as I read Jacqueline was collaborating with Ohh Deer on this box, my expectation rocketed sky high. And the box itself has not disappointed! In fact, it is definitely up there with my favourite Papergang boxes ever. After 20 boxes, you might expect a subscription service to start getting old but Ohh Deer are still keeping things fresh. The combination of Jacqueline Colley as a collaborator and the addition of new items like the pin prove the project has longevity. They will never run out of new products to produce or artists to work with and that is why I am always excited to see what the Papergang conjure up next!

You can sign up to the Papergang here |

Disclaimer: This box was kindly gifted to me by the team at Ohh Deer but all of the opinions are 100% my own.