Papergang Box No.17

Ohh Deer’s Papergang service delivers a fresh box of stationery to your door once a month, delighting stationery addicts all over the world with an assortment of beautifully designed paper goods. As a self-confessed stationery addict, I am always excited to see what’s inside the next box and the fact that (thanks to a little mix up with the post) my last 2 boxes arrived less than a week apart has doubled my excitement! I loved June’s box so much (you can read my review here) that I was worried July’s might not live up to it but, much to my delight, it has!

July’s edition was designed by Ohh Deer's in-house team and was all about bold mark making, vibrant textures and acid-bright colours. Box no.17 included a pencil case, a pencil, a greetings card, a roll of washi tape and risograph calendar print. The contents was worth £18.45 and cost just £9.95 to subscribers - as usual, a pretty good deal. Of course, no one signs up to a subscription service like the Papergang because they desperately need new stationery every month, they sign up because they want their life to be filled with as much illustrated-goodness as possible and so the contents has to be not just functional but beautiful too to make it worth the money. Luckily, this month’s was filled with gorgeous bits to satisfy even the most intense stationery addiction.


Just like last month, everything in July’s box was too good for me to pick a favourite so this time I think I will just go through them individually...

  • No one (not even me) needs a new notebook every month so the biggest challenge for a stationery subscription is keeping it fresh with new items they haven't included before like this month's pencil case. The bright painterly pattern is a very popular choice (teal is the world’s favourite colour don’t you know? According to G F Smith anyway) and on a more practical level, it’s made from a sturdy, wipeable fabric allowing you to get crazy creative without worrying about damaging it.

  • Washi tape is something Ohh Deer have included in Papergang boxes before but this month’s roll - which is covered in a pink and blue tie-dye pattern - is definitely my favourite so far. Washi tape is one of my many stationery obsessions. I have way more than I could ever use but still (in my mind at least) never too many.

  • This month’s key pattern reminds me of when you drop a Lush bath bomb in hot water and it swirls around making colourful patterns. As well as appearing on the box’s sleeve and being available as free desktop wallpaper appears on the greetings card too. Greetings cards with the month’s pattern and some metallic foil type on them have been a Papergang classic (not that I'm complaining) and this one is particularly nice thanks to the addition of some tiny copper detailing adding a touch of classy sparkle.

  • Each box includes a risograph calendar print which always adds a fresh splash of colour to my wall - this time a deep blue colour which I am a little obsessed with.

  • Finally, there was a pencil embellished with the words “a tree can make approx 300,00 pencils” in gold foil. A shiny new pencil and a fun fact - what more could you ask for?


As you can tell, I am pretty pleased of each and every item in this month’s box. In fact, I’ve loved everything in the last several Papergang editions. Whilst I have always been impressed with the quality of each box, not everything has been to my style but recently they have been on an absolute roll. Slightly less animals and more texture and pattern (and of course metallic foiling!) have made everything a lot more to my taste. That said, I am really looking forward to next month’s second Gemma Correll special. Pet-themed things aren’t always to my taste but Gemma is an absolute genius and I can’t wait to see what she has in store. Having such a short time between boxes 16 and 17 makes the next box seem even further away but I am sure it will be more that worth the wait!

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Disclaimer: This box was kindly gifted to me by the generous folk over at Ohh Deer but all opinions are 100% my own.