Papergang Box 14


It feels like I only just did a Papergang unboxing (you can read April's unboxing here) and that’s because, thanks to some mysterious post delays, I sort of just did. However, I am still super excited to share May's box - there is no such thing as too much stationery! This month, Ohh Deer teamed up with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to create a box both inspired by and supporting the lives of bees. 

My first impression of this months box before even opening it was that it seemed lighter than usual however on further inspection I was relieved to discover that whilst perhaps not as weighty, the collection was as brilliant as ever. May’s beautiful bee-themed box included included an A5 felt sketchbook, a pencil, 3 postcards and a calendar print. The pencil and calendar print are becoming Papergang regulars (I always need pencils and to know the date so I’m not complaining) but the sketchbook and postcards are a little different from the norm, keeping things fresh and exciting for Summer!

Something Ohh Deer did carry over from April to May was Amy Lesko. Amy is a freelance illustrator and junior designer designer at Ohh Deer and, in my opinion, her work is always welcome addition to any Papergang box. Whilst Amy contributed some designs to last months instalment it will always be better know as the Arden Rose collection so I am glad she has been given her very own box to further show off her talent. As with the last box, Amy’s designs are cute and quirky without being childish or twee. You can happily display any of the pieces in May’s box in your office and rest assured that when people see them they'll know you are a classy yet quirky businessperson which is what we are all aiming for, isn't it?


The contents of this month’s box was worth £15.70 and cost £9.95 to subscribers. Even though you are getting a great deal, a tenner a month on stationery might not always be the easiest thing to justify to you inner-accountant. This month though, a pound from each box was donated straight to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Ohh Deer recently announced that for every 4 boxes sold, they will plant one tree. The fact that you are helping trees, bees and independent artists should keep your bank statements justifiable and your inner stationery addict happy. Plus, this month as an additional freebie, Ohh Deer released the pattern below as a free downloadable wallpaper so that you can cover all your devices in Amy's friendly bumblebees!

I always like to try and pick a favourite piece from each Papergang box but I am struggling this month - in a good way! The gold foil “busy bee” typographic detailing on the pencil thrills me, the felty feel and inside page of the notebook are simply adorable and I cant wait to hang the postcard and print on my wall. I think my favourite will have to be the sketchbook simply because it doesn't have lines. This may sound simplistic but this together with the visual inspiration from the postcards and handy pencil make May’s box feel like it was a box created by and for creatives. And this, over anything else, is my favourite theme of all!

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Disclaimer: The box featured in this article was kindly gifted to my by Ohh Deer but the opinions are all 100% my own.