Papergang Box 12


I am now back in Glasgow and very excited to be recommencing my Papergang unboxing series and sharing what I got in the March edition of Ohh Deer's stationery subscription service. I'll be honest, coming back from a few months away in sunny Spain to grey Glasgow did have it's downsides but having a mystery package of shiny new stationery waiting for me definitely helped brighten up my return. Designed by Ohh Deer's in-house team, March's box was all about clean lines, bright colours and minimal design. 

The March Papergang box included a set of 2 A5 notebooks (a lined one with "work" on the cover and a blank on with "play" on it), a square jotter, some post-it notes, a greetings card, 2 risograph calendar prints and a pencil. Overall, the contents of the March box was worth over £20 but cost £9.95 to subscribers. 

Minimal design - such as that featured in the latest Papergang box - is sometimes thought of as easier to create than more detailed designs but from my own experience designing I would say it is quite the opposite. When there are less elements to be critiqued it makes it all the more important to get each aspect just right. The most important part of this new collection's design was picking the colours and the Ohh Deer team have managed to conjure up some beautiful, unusual colour combinations. Hot pinks and reds work together with lime greens, pale lilacs and warm yellows to create a bold, coherent set of stationery which is guaranteed to brighten up both your desk space and your day!

As always, the box also included a greetings card. This month I got a beautiful typographic "thank you" card designed by illustrator Chris Wharton. Good typography and pretty much anything copper are a couple of my favourite things so I am very much looking forward to using this one! And as an added bonus, because my subscription had been restarted, I got another Papergang patch which I am currently in the process of deciding on a new home for.


Regular readers might remember that at the end of January's Papergang unboxing post I said I had cancelled my subscription as I was going travelling and so might be a little surprised the series is back so soon. Full disclosure, the reason for this is that the lovely people at Ohh Deer got in touch with my whilst I was away to see if I might like to continue the series in collaboration with them, to which my answer was immediately "YES!". The Papergang unboxings have always been my favourite posts to create and I am so excited to make lots more of them over the coming months. 

Whilst I was very kindly gifted my box, I can assure you my opinions on it and general stationery-based enthusiasm are completely my own. Whether I am sharing stationery or any products that I have bought or ones that I have been sent, I never think of it as sharing something from a brand but sharing the creations of the individual designers who designed it. In this case, they have done a particularly excellent job. When I first heard the theme, I wasn't too sure as I am usually more keen on Ohh Deer's more illustrated products but the resulting collection is perfect in it's simplicity. I have come back from my travels with an overwhelming amount of ideas which I can't wait to start exploring with these perfectly simplistic additions to my stationery collection.

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P.S. As this post was so late (because I was in France when it arrived, not just being lazy) the April box actually comes out next week so check back soon for my thoughts on it.