One Day On Our Blue Planet by Ella Bailey

The latest edition of Ella Bailey's One Day On Our Blue Planet series with Flying Eye Books was recently released and it's another beauty! With a brand new location and same charming illustration style, the book let's readers spend the day with a curious young spider monkey who travels the length and breadth of the rainforest in search of his mother. 

Educational and well as adventurous, One Day On Our Blue Planet... In The Rainforest includes a ton of fun facts. From breakfast to dinner, dawn to dusk, the book guides you through each aspect of a monkey's daily routine, imparting plenty of zoological wisdom along the way.  Did you know that a family of monkeys is called a troop? Or that plants and creatures in the depths of the rainforest adapt to the low light? Me neither but now I do - Thanks Ella!

I have now reviewed every book Ella has released with Flying Eye Books (the Flying Eye team have very wisely collaborated with Ella on quite a few) and am kind of running out of things to say about how great the all are. I also once got to do a full interview with Ella for Inkygoodness which you can read here. My favourite answer of Ella's from the list of questions is a little random but came when asked about whether she has always been interested in nature...

“When I was very little, I dreamt of being a farmer, and then when I was a bit older, I had a phase of wanting to become a marine biologist. Obviously, I am currently neither of those things, but I think it’s safe to say that I’ve always been drawn to nature and found wildlife fascinating.”

- Ella Bailey

Whilst it might not have led her to marine-biology-fame, this genuine love for nature has been key in the success of this book series. From the cast of both charming and dangerous characters - each of whom are designed with at least a nod to their own unique personality - to the multi-layered, textured-filled backdrops which are conjured up in the perfect, ever-changing colour palette to capture all different times of day in that specific climate - every aspect of the book screams the fact that this isn't just another commission for Ella but a full-on passion project. I can't wait to see what animal she tackles next! |