Ohh Deer's Pillow Fight

In the blink of an eye, almost all of October has flown by without a single blog post from me. To be fair though, I have been pretty busy! I will be blogging about all the things that have kept me too busy blog very soon but today I want to talk about Ohh Deer's new cushion competition.

Ohh Deer's pillow fight has become an annual event for the ever-evolving company. Anyone can enter and be in with the chance of becoming the brand's next contributor. This year, there is also a cash prize for the design which proves the most popular on social media. You can read the full brief and enter the competition here.

There have been of amazing entries to the competition. Here are 14 of my favourites...

Marble Bugs Cushion by Estera Rezar


Panther Cushion by Abi Overland

Tiger Cushion by Jazmin Carter


The Living Room Cushion by Carlo Tanovo

Jungle Leopard Cushion by Amber Davenport


Brush Strokes Cushion by Kate Durie


Thunder Cushion by Holly The Illustrator

Monochrome Marks Cushion by Rothera Millie

Bosom Pillow Cushion by Roza Hamta

Spacey Cushion by Margaritse

Eye Candy Cushion by Ying Saechen

If I can find the time, I might even enter the competition myself! If I do, I will of course be writing a blog post about it. Either way, stay tuned for more blogging very soon!