Ohh Deer... It's Nearly Christmas Again!

Stationery connoisseurs and kings of all things quirky Ohh Deer are one of my favourite brands no matter what time of year it is. When Christmas comes around however, they really come into their own! Ohh Deer's site is filled with gorgeous illustrated gifts to suit any style but today I want to focus on the extra (but just as important) Christmassy bits they sell. Wrapping paper, Christmas cards and ornaments aren't necessarily essentials but they are my favourite things to buy. 

The lovely team at Ohh Deer sent me a little box of their beautiful Christmas range for me to share....


First up, let's start with an Ohh Deer Classic - a Gemma Correll! No new Ohh Deer catalogue or illustrated yuletide would be complete with out Gemma's effortlessly charming and hilarious illustrations being thrown in the mix. Gemma's classic candy-cane colour scheme is perfect for the festive season and the pun-filled messages are always on point.

I am the biggest woodland fan you will meet but I like that Christmas seems to no longer just be for reindeer and robins any more. Gemma's collection features llamas, cats and oh so many pugs, each with their own adorable personality.

A newer but equally brilliant addition to the Ohh Deer brand has been Nina Cosford. Earlier in the year, Nina released her first tropical-inspired Summer range with Ohh Deer and now she is back with a fun festive collection!

Nina's collection of Christmas card features an array of different festive scenes. From people taking part in classic Winter activities like making snow angels and sledging to scenes of little woodland cabins, a host of snowy-scenarios are conjured in Nina's signature sketchy style. You will struggle to find any other range which manages to feature such chilly settings but yet stay so heartwarmingly charming!


Yet another gorgeous addition to the brand this year has been the festive range of giftwrap and greetings cards designed by Kong-Yew Wong. Kong-Yew and Nina's cards feature quite similar scenes with one key difference - Nina's feature people whereas Kong-Yew's feature polar bears, reindeer and penguins. Kong-Yew's colour choices are also inspired. Yellow, grey and white aren't a classic Christmas combination but they are totally cheery and on trend.

Now you've found your illustrated wrapping paper and cards, you might just want a few accessories to finish them off. Once again, Ohh Deer are stocking a whole range of products from Meri Meri. Their sticker packs make the perfect finishing touch to any envelope or parcel. The 3D designs feature santa-heads, reindeer, trees and rainbows as well as speech bubbles asking if you've been "naughty or nice?" and instructing you to "be jolly!". Each tiny artwork adds a whole heap of Christmas cheer to whatever it's stuck too! 


The final product from the Ohh Deer's Christmas range I have to share is also my favourite! I love collecting new Christmas ornaments to add to my tree each year and this year Ohh Deer have a whole range of vintage-inspired baubles available. The Santa was my favourite from the range and I was so happy to see him staring up at me when I opened the package. Made of glass, the classic-feeling ornament glistens in the light and will add an extra dash of Christmas magic to any tree!

I was going to do a classic blogger flat lay to show off the little Santa but then I thought "No! People don't want to see ornaments randomly laid out on marble paper, they want to see them on trees!". So here he is taking pride of place on mine...


That's all I have to share today but I'll be back again tomorrow for yet more festive blogging! This is also the last Ohh Deer themed post I will be doing this year so before I go, I'd like to say a little thank to the Ohh Deer team for sending me this parcel. Over the past year, they have been so generous and sent me some stunning stationery, decorations and quirky gifts to share. These type of blog posts are my favourite to make and I can't wait to do more with them next year!