October Favourites 2017

Is it just me or has October been the fastest month in history? In my last monthly favourites, I promised there would be lots more blogging from me in October. Then about a day later it was Halloween and I had uploaded even less than in September. Oh well, I will try and do better in November! First though, let's squeeze one more post into this month in the form of my October favourites...


Part of the reason there wasn't much blogging in October is because it was another busy month filled with lots of artful highlights...

Exhibition | Marcus Oakley's Drawingsssssss

Marcus Oakley recently visited my university to give a talk about his career and do a drawing workshop with my class. He then invited us to see his exhibition in Edinburgh. The talk, workshop and exhibition were all crazy inspiring and I will write about them all more very soon!

Book | Dalston Monsterzz by Dilraj Mann

Created by Dilraj Mann and published by Nobrow Press, Dalston Monsterzz is a fast-paced and vibrantly illustrated graphic novel about friendship and corruption. I won't go on about the book too much here because I do have a full review coming very soon. In short though - I read it, I loved it, you should too!


Movie | Moana

Insanely, seen as I loved Frozen so much (like a slightly unhealthy amount), it took me until last week to see Moana. It didn't quite match Frozen (How Far I'll Go is no Let It Go) but certainly did not disappoint either. I particularly like all the tattoos - apparently it is the first Disney film to feature tattooed goodies.


TV Show | The Good Place

I'm never too busy to binge a new TV show and my new favourite Netflix is original is The Good Place. The show is about a woman who accidentally gets into heaven where she doesn't quite belong. It's so funny that I binged a season in a day and probably would have gotten a lot more blogging done if I never discovered it. 


Blogger Mail | The Senses by Dr Matteo Farinella

My favourite piece of blogger mail this month is another Nobrow book. The Senses explains the latest scientific research into our senses through a gorgeously illustrated graphic novel. I haven't sat down and properly read it yet but can't wait to!


Music | Raincheck by Hannah Jane Lewis

Someone recommended Raincheck by Hannah Jane Lewis to me a few weeks ago and it has been stuck in my head ever since. Like every song I like, I will inevitably overplay and sicken myself of it but for now it is my favourite song to play any time of day.


Fashion | French Connection Eyes T-shirt

I included this winking eye t-shirt in my Autumn fashion wishlist a wee while ago. Unlike a lot of the stuff in my wishlists (I'm not made of money), I then went and bought it! It's now my favourite t-shirt and I would wear it every day if I could. 

1 copy.jpg

Technique | Xerox Art

My final favourite is my first proper art school project which again I will be blogging properly about very soon. It was all about drawing in different ways and my experimentation involved wonky, xerox animals like this chubby little guy who I nicknamed "Toast".

I'm not going to make the mistake of promising more blogging this month but I will try my best! Fingers crossed...