New From Ohh Deer

Today’s blog post is a very exciting one for me as it includes to of my favourite things - illustration and being given gifts! A few weeks ago, it was my 22nd Birthday and I was very lucky to receive a heap of beautiful gifts including a gorgeous box of illustrated goods from Ohh Deer which I will be unboxing today...


Now, I am not going to lie, this gift didn’t come completely out of the blue and there may have been a bit of liaising with their wonderful PR team involved prior to me receiving the gift. Ohh Deer sent me the package in part (I like to believe at least) out of the kindness of their hearts to wish me a Happy Birthday but also so that I could share it on here and show what an amazing gifting range they have.

Whatever the reason, Ohh Deer were incredibly generous with the box that they sent me. Here is what it included…


Bob Cushion | £29.95

First up, the biggest item (which didn't even fit in the actual box) was the beautiful Bob Cushion which I am just obsessed with. The cushion featured a stunningly detailed and super charming illustration of a bear in a rather fetching wooly hat designed by Ohh Deer Co-founder Jamie Mitchell. Naturally as he is one of the co-founders, all of the items designed by Jamie feel like Ohh Deer classics and I have had my eye on this cushion ever since I first discovered the brand many years ago. The cushion is made out of faux suede which is super soft and vegan too (which I wouldn’t usually care about but here seems right - no cushion featuring a bear so adorable should be harmful in any way to other animals).

Tiger Power Soap | £4.95

Next up, an organic rose and geranium scented bar of Tiger Power Soap made by Art House Meath. There are 3 things I love about this soap - it smells great, it looks great and it’s for a great cause. Art House Meath provide employment for people living with epilepsy and learning and physical difficulties, designing and creating high quality soaps as well as a range of other products. The Tiger Power soap smells fresh and floral and comes wrapped in colourful, painterly packaging designed my Art House Meath artist Sarah Harbott.


Tropical Leaves Deskpad | £7.95

Now on to the Arden Rose section of the package. 3 of the 7 items in my package were from the collection Ohh Deer created in collaboration with Arden and I absolutely love all of them! Firstly, the A4 tropical leaves deskpad is the most on trend piece of stationery you will find online at the moment and it is super practical too with designated sections for lists, plans and doodles. I am going to be pretty busy over the next few months so need to get organised whilst of course staying stylish and the pad gets top mark on both counts. 

Desk Doodle Washi-tape | £2.50

The next item from the collection was a roll of playfully illustrated washi tape. The entire Arden Rose range delicately balances photographic patterns with inky doodles and tropical leaves and plants with desktop motifs to create a uniquely and personality-filled collection. The washi tape lies on the doodlier side of the collection and features paperclips, pencil shavings and marker pens all illustrated in Amy Lesko’s utterly adorable style.


Cactus Keyring | £8.95

As I have mentioned before, I start at art school soon and a new art course in a new city means a new flat which means new keys which obviously means the need for a new illustrated keyring - preferably one featuring a cute cacti character. If I wasn’t excited to move out before then this little guy would definitely make sure I was and as an added bonus it is a good size which means it will actually help me find my keys in amongst my bag of arty nonsense.


Mr Lazy Coaster | £2.95

Another wonderful collaborative collection released by Ohh Deer earlier this year was created with John Bond who reinterpreted the classic Mr Men characters to create a fresh new homeware range. Whilst I would like to say Mr Clever or Mr Perfect would be better suited to me, I am usually too lazy to use a coaster so this one seems like a pretty good fit. Mr Tall or Mr Clumsy would have been accurate too though.


I Lick You Enamel Pin | £4.95

As we started with the biggest item, let’s finish with the smallest - the pug pin! Her instantly recognisable style has become so synonymous with the brand that it feels like no Ohh Deer haul would be complete without at least one item designed by pug-queen Gemma Correll. They say the best things come in small packages and in this case I definitely agree - I can’t wait to embellish all the many jackets and bags I have bought for art school with this adorable little dog!

Between my monthly Papergang unboxing series and posts like this, I do post a lot about Ohh Deer and their many wonderful illustrated products on this blog and am very fortunate to have been gifted quite a few of them but I don’t always explain why I like them as a company quite so much. Obviously their products are beautiful and I wouldn't post anything I didn't like visually on this blog but there are other reasons too. The PR team are really lovely, always open to new ideas and thankful for any content you create about the brand. And, most importantly, they are a company with morals. Each thing you buy from them, a percentage of the profits goes directly to the artist and that is something which I will never stop supporting!

Thank you so much for the glorious gift Ohh Deer and keep up the wonderful work!