New Flying Eye Books

Flying Eye Books are with out a doubt my favourite picturebook publisher. The Fying Eye team work together with some of the most talented creatives in the business to produce gorgeous children's books filled with adorable characters and hearty morals which readers of any age can enjoy. I am lucky enough to own quite the collection of their stunning titles and am always intrigued to see what they will be releasing next.

The lovely folk over at Flying Eye Books recently sent me a little bundle of beautiful books so today I thought I would share my thoughts on their latest releases...


Under The Canopy: Trees Around The World

Flying Eye Books often place as much importance on education as they do on entertainment when commissioning new titles. One of their new educational titles, Under The Canopy, teaches young readers about the different trees from around the world. 

From the olive trees of Athens to the Eucalyptus trees of Australia, Under The Canopy invites you to discover the part trees have played in history and mythology as well as explore cultural significance that trees have in different societies today. A book all about trees may sound niche for adults, let alone children, however the passion of writer Iris Volant and illustrator Cynthia Alonso seeps through ever page and makes this a universally engaging read for any age.

Each fascinating tree-themed tale is illustrated in Cynthia Alonso's fresh, vibrant style. A combination of abstract, texture-filled scenery and comically-oversized, quirky characters brings each unique story to life. The variety in colour scheme, mark making and character-led narrative gives each tree it's very own personality and fills each page of the book with life. The cherry on top of this title's already glorious aesthetic is it's neon green spot colour which adds yet another burst of energy into this surprisingly lively title.


Out, Out, Away From Here

Out, Out Away From Here by Sang Miao and Rachel Woodworth is another exciting new title from Flying Eye Books. The book looks at the theme of emotions and how overwhelming they can often be, especially for children. Through thoughtful words and expressive imagery, the book shows children how to cope with strong feelings by harnessing the power of creativity.

The tale's young protagonist finds that the best thing to do when feeling overwhelmed by her emotions is to escape into her own imagination. With this title, the creative duo have shown that emotional intelligence is just as important as any other kind of intellect. Adding in a message about how powerful your imagination can be makes Out, Out, Away From Here a book with a whole lot of wisdom to share.

The book's elegant text and enchanting artworks allow this wisdom to be imparted in the most calming of ways. With each poetic verse and fantastical scene, you are invited to get lots within the warm and inviting new world that a young girl has dreamt up. This dreamy combo makes Out, Out, Away From Here the perfect title to drift off to sleep whilst reading.

Jumble Wood

Jumble Wood is the debut picture book from an exciting new illustrator. Helena Covell graduated from Edinburgh College of Art a few years ago and now works as a freelance illustrator in Yorkshire. 

Helena's debut picture book tells a simple story with a powerful message. The creatures in Jumble Wood each have a thing that makes them happy apart from Pod who just can't seem to find hers. Feeling sad and alone, Pod sets off to discover where her "happiness" might be hiding only to find it in the friends she meets along the way. The heartwarming and playfully-told story teaches children about and the importance of friendship whilst remaining a thoroughly entertaining read for all ages.

Heartwarming morals aside, Jumble Wood has a lot to teach about picturebook design. The glorious combination of soft blues, bright pinks and pops of yellow lend a contemporary aesthetic whilst the abstract shapes used throughout add an excitable energy to the adorable story's landscape. 

Bonkers About Beetles

Owen Davey's recently released the fourth book in his non-fiction series with Flying Eye Books. Following on from Mad About Monkeys, Smart About Sharks and Crazy About Cats, the latest title is aimed at those young learners who are simply Bonkers About Beetles

Did you know that there are roughly 400,000 different species of beetles? Or that they make up about 25% of all animals on our planet? This is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wealth of knowledge contained within the pages of Bonkers About Bugs. From the mighty Goliath beetle to the beautiful iridescent  scarab beetle, this ultimate guide contains everything you need to know about these fascinating six-legged creatures.

Whilst I love a bit of bug trivia (who doesn't?), I am of course just as interested in the artwork within the book. Owen Davey never disappoints with his signature vector graphic style of illustration. Using clean lines, smooth shapes, bold pattern and contemporary colour schemes, Owen manages to make even the creepiest of crawlies look incredibly sleek and stylish.


One Day On Our Blue Planet... In The Ocean

Another brilliant, educational book collaboration comes from illustrator Ella Bailey's One Day On Our Blue Planet series. Having already taken readers on insightful tours around the Savannah, Antarctic and Rainforest, this time Ella invites you on an underwater adventure in One Day On Our Blue Planet... In The Ocean. Each book in the series looks at how a young animal spends its days and this latest release looks at 24 hours in the life of an adorable bottlenose dolphin calf as she explores the vast Pacific Ocean with her mother and meets the many wonderful water-dwelling creatures that live there. 

It is incredibly important to teach young readers about the natural world and there is no one who does that with more style and character than Ella Bailey. Readers of any age won't be able to resist falling in love with the story's dolphin lead and in turn with learning about her stunning surroundings. 


Leaf_RGB_72dpi copy.jpg


Finally, let's wrap this beast of a book review up with a look at one of my favourite ever picturebooks! Now available in paperback, Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann tells a heart-warming story about helping outsiders. The story tells the tale of a polar bear who arrives unexpectedly in the woods. The other animals fear and avoid him and so, determined to get back home, the bear hatches a leafy plan to escape.

Leaf not only highlights the plight of polar bears in today's changing climate but also reminds people to embrace outsiders and celebrate differences. This, along with several other things, has made leaf one of my favourite titles Flying Eye Books have ever released. You can read the full review I wrote when Leaf was originally released last year here. Sandra has also recently announced plans for a follow up with Flying Eye Books which I am already beyond excited about!

I hope this little round-up has given you inspiration for the next titles you'll be adding to your own beautiful book collection. And if you want to learn more about how some of these books were created then stay tuned as I have an exciting new interview series with Flying Eye Books and their sister publisher Nobrow Press coming very soon.