National Stationery Week

How has your National Stationery week been? I have been loving scrolling through the the #NationalStationeryWeek feed on Twitter and have even found a few great new bloggers to follow. My favourite papery-posts have been Natasha Nuttall's tutorial on how to personalise notebooks using stickers from Ohh Deer, Emma Jane Palin's round-up of 5 sassy stationery brands and Shahira Allen's World Stationery Day themed post. I highly recommend you check out all three posts (after you finish reading this one of course).

Reading about stationery naturally led to online shopping for stationery and along the way I spotted these beauties which I just had to share....

Nina Cosford Notebooks | £5.95 - £11.95 | Ohh Deer

Colour Notes | £4 | Hay

Balloon Pin House | £25 | Clive Roddy

Play Postcards | £6 | Marta Veludo

"Template of Particles" | £30 | Wrap Magazine

Sticky Notes | $6 | Poketo

Bob A5 Notebook | £2.95 | Ohh Deer

Pape Small Clipboard | £6 | Ding Ding

Notebook Bundle | £12 | Wrap Magazine

3D Alphabet Letters | £8.85 | Ohh Deer

Whilst I have loved reading all the National Stationery Week themed content, creating my own has been a bit more of a struggle. I had a few more blog posts planned for the week (I really wanted it to be a bit more inventive than just 2 wish lists) but the things I was going to write about are still in the post and I didn't really want to create filler content just because it was National Stationery Week. This means, I will be keeping the celebrations going next week with 2 more stationery themed posts which I very excited to create and share. The timing will be slightly less apt but in my opinion we should have at least a month of solid stationery celebrations a year. Maybe I'll start a campaign to have a National Stationery Month in 2018 - who's in?