Natasha Durley

Today I want to share the work of another one of my favourite illustrators - Natasha Durley. Taking inspiration from the natural world around her, Natasha’s beautiful portfolio is inhabited by every kind of animal you can think of . Digitally collaging together layers of block colour with inky experiments and playful patterns, Natasha’s colourful creatures are filled with as much personality as they are texture.


I first discovered Natasha’s work when she collaborated with Ohh Deer on a gorgeous “Midnight Jungle” themed Papergang box. Natasha lent her innate ability to conjure up intoxicating patterns to the box and created an ever so on-trend tropical stationery collection which I was obsessed with as soon as I saw it. All of Natasha’s work is always on point but her pattern design are where I feel she really come in to her element.

Natasha also wrote an article for the Ohh Deer blog talking readers through her daily routine as a creative. In it, she revealed a little about how she curates the catalogue and texture she uses within her work…

“Another thing that I really enjoy and helps drag me away from the computer is making textures. Some of my textures come from old books I've found in charity shops but I make a lot myself.”

- Natasha Durley

I loved the Ohh Deer blog for allowing artists to share little insights like this as I find them so inspiring. Natasha is also very good for sharing sneak peaks of her process over on her Instagram which I’m always taking hints and tips from.

As you might have gathered, I am a pretty big fan of Natasha’s work. In fact, I am such a big fan that sometimes I try and not look at it. There is a bit of overlap in mine and Natasha’s illustrative style and creative process so I am always mindful not to look too much at her portfolio to avoid accidentally borrowing ideas. This sounds odd now that I am typing it out but it is meant as the biggest compliment. Whilst I don’t want the actual work to look too similar, I would be thrilled if one day I have a portfolio which is as beautiful as Natasha’s.