Raul Soria

This year I want to write lots more blog posts simply sharing the work of my favourite artists. There and so many amazing illustrators working today and I love finding and sharing new ones. Today’s post is all about the wonderful work of Berlin-based illustrator Raul Soria. I first discovered Raul’s amazing work when I bought a T-shirt from Everpress featuring the illustration below…


I love everything about this illustration. From the colour scheme to the cheetah’s stark stance to the woman’s dormant expression - it all comes together to make a captivatingly quirky artwork. The t-shirt is one of my favourite items of clothing! And it led me to discovering the rest of Raul’s work and now he has become one of my favourite artists too.

In case you don’t know what Everpress is, it’s an online store filled with gorgeously designed tees illustrated by artists from around the world. Anyone can sell their designs on the site and lots of my favourite creative including Anja Bartelt, Robert Hunter, Hannah Jacobs, Bodil Jane and Marylou Faure already have. This isn’t a sponsored post (as much as I would love it if it was), Everpress is just one of my favourite sites to browse on and so I thought I’d share a little bit about it.


I’m sure I will be ordering more from Everpress in future but for now I only have Raul’s design which I bought when realised I simply could not live without it. Originally from Zaragoza, Spain, Raul now lives and works in Berlin and is represented by WE ARE GOODNESS. His impressive client list features the likes of It's Nice That, The New York Times, Variety, Esquire and Google and he won the American Illustration AI37 award last year.

I am always blown away by artists who can inject personality into their designs whilst still keeping everything as clean and minimal as Raul does. Texture and shading are used sparingly but yet each piece is full of life. Raul injects a slice of his own sense of humour into each artwork he creates through eccentric facial expressions and awkward compositions, creating a body of work with a uniquely quirky personality.