Mouni Feddag

It seems bizarre to me that I have been running this blog for 6 months and haven’t shared the gorgeous work of Mouni Feddag yet as ever since I stumbled upon her portfolio, I have been obsessed with her eccentric, textural work. And so, today is finally the day...

Each piece of Mouni's extensive portfolio is incredibly detailed so there is plenty to explore. The majority of her illustrations feature people of some description and Mouni has a knack for depicting humanity’s weirdest and most wonderful qualities. From tiny tots climbing on gardener’s heads and colourful dog-walkers walking colourful dogs to cyclists wearing monkey backpacks and half-naked pizza-eaters slobbing out in bed - Mouni’s portfolio showcases odd and intimate moments of everyday life and shows how people’s weirdest qualities are often their best.

Human eccentricities are also shown in Mouni’s work through her love of energetic textures and hand-drawn patterns Both pattern and texture is varied as wonky, watery shapes are layered with banana motifs and floral designs burst out of painterly pots. Add in Mouni’s varied colour scheme - which goes from rainy navies to neon greens - and you have all the elements for a cohesive yet constantly surprising portfolio of work. 

Even more bizarre to me than the fact I haven't written about Mouni’s work is that I don’t have any of it in my home. This is easily fixed though as Mouni has a Society 6 store selling prints and homeware adorned with her designs. I’m most tempted by this print as it celebrated both my love of Mouni’s work and all-year-round obsession with Christmas. Whichever I choose, I am sure it will be a cheerful addition my home. Mouni’s creation beam with positivity as they celebrates the weirdest parts of life and so having one hanging on the wall (whether it is Christmas themed or not) is bound to make me smile each time I pass.