Marion Fayolle

Now that I am travelling in France, this week I am going to be showcasing the work of a few of my top French creatives, starting with one of my favourite illustrators - Marion Fayolle! Marion's enchanting artworks conjure up dreamlike scenarios, giving a glimpse into her infinite and wonderfully eccentric imagination.

Whilst Marion keeps to the same medium for all of her are artworks, the tone set in each is differs greatly. The collaborative fashion collection she created has an air of eccentric elegance whilst her editorial work ranges from calming to utterly absurd. The common touch of eccentricity which runs throughout all of Marion's work tends to come from her love of the playing with the human form. Whether it is heads being turned to vases or penises turned into snails, this lends a unique and constantly intriguing edge to her work. 

I first discovered Marion's work when I was given In Pieces - a book she published in collaboration with Nobrow Press - as a Birthday gift and I fell in love with her style from the very first page. Like all of my favourite artists, Marion's work transports you to a whole new wold and the In Pieces universe - filled with head hot air balloons and human kites - quickly became one of my favourite day-dream destination. 

Since then, I have discovered many of Marion's other projects and added more of her beautiful books to my collection, all of which conjure up and distinctly different but equally intriguing setting for me to explore. With a sizeable portfolio of work behind her, Marion has dreamt up her own little universe and if it were a real place I would for sure be skipping the rest of France and heading straight there!