Looking at Painting Vol. 2

The beautifully designed second edition of Looking at Painting magazine turns the spotlight on some incredibly talented creatives from the world of contemporary fine art. Bigger and bolder than the first issue, volume 2 consists of almost 200 colourful pages and features articles, essays and interviews as well as a catalogue of visual inspiration. 

Back before I read issue 1, I had some preconceptions of what might be included in a modern art journal (a selection of overly conceptual artworks with baffling description) but what I found was the exact opposite. Looking at Painting makes fine art more accessible than ever by showcasing everything from wonky ceramics and quirky sculptures to graphic collages and painterly patterns, all of which feels fresh and accessable. Now with issue 2, the magazines continues on it's quest to champion fine artists and prove that what they create is for all and not just an exclusive club of people who "get it".

Highlights from volume 2 include Russell Leng's minimal collaged canvases (above left). Using an assortment of materials including acrylics, ink, holographic foil, chalk and oil pastels, variety is key within Russell's practise and the final results make a striking yet subtle statement. Another top pick from the latest issue is the work of Houston based artist Jessica Simorte (above right). Taking a love of texture even further, Jessica uses thick paint marks and rough lines to create intensely tactile artworks. 

Both these artists, along with many others featured inside the journal, use and compose materials in a contemporary way. It seems as designers are reverting back to old methods, fine artists are adopting modern ones. As the two sides of art and design edge closer together, there has never been a better time to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of contemporary fine art with Looking at Painting as your personal tour guide.

Stay tuned for an interview with Looking at Painting's founder Jessie Churchill in the next few weeks....

You can order a copy of Looking at Painting Vol. 2 herelookingatpainting.co.uk