Locomotion by Golden Cosmos

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Locomotion is a beautiful new concertina book created by Berlin-based design duo Golden Cosmos and published by Nobrow Press. When fully extended, the book measures 139 centimetres and documents the entire history of trains and locomotives.

Beginning with the very first steam engines and travelling through to modern day vehicles, the book displays an entire history in stunning visual detail and the wraparound cover includes facts about each technological development. Daniel Dolz and Doris Freigofas - the creative duo behind Golden Cosmos - said they had great fun when researching the book and even went as far to imagine not just the sights but the smells and sounds of the many locomotives. This excitement and passion has bled through to the final result as the book's bold colour scheme and burst of texture inject energy and stamina into the each panel of the concertina.

As well as having previously worked with Nobrow on High Times - a book similar to Locomotion but looking at the history of air-based vehicles - Golden Cosmos have also worked with The New York Times, Washington Post and The New Yorker as well as exhibiting their work worldwide. Whether it is a book, editorial illustration or print, there is always plenty of quirky, characterful detail in everything they create. On close inspection of Locomotion, you will find huffing reindeer, exaggerated top hats and hair-dos and people being showered by elephants - Locomotion is no ordinary history book!

Nobrow Press' Leporello series is one of my favourites that they produce. This is down in no small part to how impressive I find it that each of the creators have managed to perfect the delicate balancing act of filling each panel of the panorama with detail to create a captivating artwork without overcrowding each section. A few of Nobrow's past Leporellos have had an educational angle but I would say this is their most successful as I never thought I could be so enthralled by a book about trains. Clever compositions, brilliant colours and quirky characters had me hooked from the first panel and by the time I reached the end of the fast-paced trail, I was applauding it's creators and wishing that the journey didn't have to end.

You can order a copy of Locomotion here.

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