Lines and Dots: Experimental Pendants Lights by Goula / Figuera

Created by Barcelona-based studio Pablo Figuera / Álvaro Goula, these bold, geometric pendant lights are guaranteed to make a statement in any interior. The Lines and Dots pendant lamps are created under the studio’s Home Adventures brand, a side project born out of a desire for unrestricted creativity. Rather than a confined brief, the idea for the lamps came from a series of hundreds of ink drawings which were then refined and turned into metal lamps, each of which is hand crafted by a local Barcelona Metalworks and so totally unique.

The project indulges the studios love for experimentation and industrial design and with a multitude of pre-designed pendants available and the option to custom make your own, the styling possibilities are endless. Why not pair with other simplistic forms and a limited colour scheme to tap in to the on-trend Scandi design style or hang a collection of the lamps against rustic materials to create bold contrast? 

Pablo Figuera / Álvaro Goula’s own lookbook shows the pendant paired with everything from big leafy plants to vintage gold frames, showcasing the collection’s boundless potential for enhancing unique and eclectic spaces. Possibly my favourite idea for styling the Lines and Dots is clustering them together - the swarm of goemetric shapes rotating around each other reminiscent of a model you might find in a science lab.

Reading on about the pendant lamps and the studio who created them, you unearth a refreshing and humble approach to design. Speaking of their design process, the studio say their aim when tackling a new design brief is not “to change the world through industrial design, but maybe, to make it a little more beautiful, a little easier to live in”. This determination to infuse the world around them with beauty radiates through each of their end products and in turn encourages their owners to think outside the box when exploring the array of styling possibilities. These lamps were not only born out of pure creativity but they encourage creativity too - Home Adventures by name and by nature.

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