Today I want to share one of my favourite Wintery illustrators - Liekeland! It might sound odd to describe someone as a "Wintery" illustrator but I think it fits with the Liekeland aesthetic. Characters - who come in all shapes, sizes and breeds - are all dressed in thick wooly jumpers, hats and scarves (even the animals), giving Liekeland's world a warm and cosy feel. 

The aim of Liekeland is to make a positive impact on the world through illustration. Lieke van der Vorst, the illustrator behind Liekeland, grew up in a very small town in The Netherlands called Kaatsheuvel. Every Summer Lieke would go camping in France which is where she developed her green mindset...

"It was these times in nature that have influenced my life and work the most. Being kind to animals and the environment became an important part of my vision...I try to practice green living as much as possible."

- Lieke van der Vorst


I think Liekeland's work is perfect for Christmas too. There is something so charming about everything she creates. Her illustrations which feature people and animals in an adorably friendly way are the most heart-warming. The unlikely friendships Liekeland artworks capture remind me of Disney movies or John Lewis adverts - both of which are Christmas essentials! Liekeland also has an online store which is perfect for treating the one you love to an eco-friendly bag or print this Christmas!

I have never liked the idea of being away from home for the holidays but if Liekeland was a real place it would be the perfect festive destination. I would get over not getting to spend Christmas with my family if I was hanging out with a bunch of beautifully illustrated and super stylish animals instead!