Leah Jackson

Many design trends seem to come in and out of fashion on a regular basis but one that I am very happy seems to be here to stay is handmade and playfully patterned ceramics such as those made by Melbourne based ceramicist Leah Jackson.

Leah’s handcrafted creations are recognisable by two key criteria - her quirky colour schemes and signature hand drawn patterns. All shades of blue from duck egg to navy are paired with everything from pastel pinks and pale yellows to hot oranges and matte blacks whilst each dot and squiggle is painted by hand to give a truly unique finish. The resulting collection is diverse and cheerful, bringing together traditional crafts with playful splashes of contemporary quirk. 

Despite her seemingly spontaneous style, Leah’s process is quite meticulous. Her specific ways of working includes starting to plan for Christmas at the start of the year, keeping a purely written colour journal and having her friends test-run each of her creations. This high level of organisation allows Leah to focus on her passion for the craft, as she explained in an interview with Sight Unseen.

“In terms of what I do on a daily basis in the studio, function is my overriding inspiration. The challenge is take make an object as comfortable and usable as possible, while still making sure it is a joy to look at. It’s about balance. Hence, I am always observing how I like to use something and how other people use their objects. I view this as the riddle that will keep me occupied for years to come.”

There are some trends you hope will go in a hurry (the exhausting abundance of pineapple themed patterns our feeds were all flooded with last Summer for example) and others you hope will stick around for as long as possible. Leah's work most definitely belongs in the latter category as her fresh, tactile ceramics at a touch of timeless quirk to any interior.