Kate Pugsley

I've been trying a few different things out with the blog recently and it feel like I haven't sat down and written a good old fashioned featured artist post in forever so today I am very excited to be sharing the work of Chicago based illustrator Kate Pugsley. Kate's work features an intoxicating mix of glamour and nature with her illustrations often featuring elegant women wrapped up in winter coats and strolling through a backdrop of luxurious leaves and perfectly posed wildlife.

Of all the illustrators I follow on Instagram (and there is quite a few) Kate's feed is perhaps my favourite thanks to the gorgeous painted colour palettes she posts. Within her art, soothing blues and deep greens set a cool, calm and collected tone and add depth to her aesthetic. Meanwhile, splashes of bright yellow and pretty peach add spontaneity and liveliness to the brush strokes and make the world Kate has created feel all the more adventurous and inviting. 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the Barcelona weather sometimes now that I am home in Scotland but I am also pretty fond of Glasgow's weather this time of year. It's still cold enough for big winter coats and scarves but sunny enough for sunglasses - the perfect forecast for one of Kate's masterpieces! Since I got back, I have gone on a few strolls round the park as I have found this is when I come up with my best ideas and if I could take a wander into any of the garden's in Kate's universe I most definitely would. After all, I can't think of a more inspiring Spring activity than spending the day befriending sleek leopards and chatting to stone heads - can you?