July Favourites 2017

I'd love to say that every single thing I post on this blog is 100% my own unique and original idea but I'd be lying. I doubt there is a blogger in the land who hasn't taken inspiration from other bloggers when dreaming up new content. I think it's a completely acceptable part of blog culture as long as you credit who's idea it is you are borrowing. So before I start this post, I'd like to say it is inspired by the monthly favourites series illustrator Fran Meneses runs on her blog.

Just like Fran does, I will be creating a different illustration each month which features some of the things I have been loving over the past 4 weeks. July seems like a slightly random month to start but as I turn 22 in August and start at art school in September, this feels like a natural time for me to implement some changes and kick off a few fresh series.


Pretty much all my other content on the blog is completely design related but with this new column I am keen to mix it up a bit and share things like my favourite food and TV shows from the previous month as well as recommending beautiful books and exhibitions I have visited. Here are a few of the highlights from my July...

Tote bag from GSA

Probably my most used fashion find has been the tote which I bought at the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show shop. It has this sleek monochrome typographic design on it and I bought it directly from the creator for just £4. The only things I don't love about it are that no one can ever read that it says "Manouvre" and that it doesn't say who made it anywhere on it so I don't know who to credit. I also found a very nice shirt in the Topman sale for £5 which I am pretty proud of.


Trump postcard by Joanna Yang

As well as being a place to find to find new creatives to follow on Instagram (read my round-up of my top 14 here), art school degree shows are also a great place to pick up free art! This postcard by Joanna Yan was my favourite from the little bundle I picked up at the GSA Communication Design show. It shows how fine the line truly is between Donald Trump's face and an actual arsehole and I like it a lot.

Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann

If you read my review of Sandra Dieckmann's debut picturebook, you won't be surprised that Leaf is without a doubt my book of the month. As a massive fan of Sandra's work I had very high expectations and she did not disappoint! I'm also hoping that next month I might have another Leaf themed highlight in the form of a certain artist interview but we will have to wait and see.

Leaf print from Flying Eye Books

As a blogger, I am very lucky and get to work with a few very exciting and generous brands who send me beautiful things to share on the blog. The Nobrow and Flying Eye team always go above and beyond and recently gifted me an amazing A3, hand gold-inked print from the Leaf book which I have been obsessed with ever since! Now I just need to decide where to put it...

Pancakes & Bacon

As I said, I am going to be including some non-design related highlights like what food I have been loving recently. I am super nosy and like reading this sort of nonsense about other people so hopefully you will too. It's weird and very not-British but I tried pancakes and bacon recently (mainly because I didn't have any bread for toast) it tastes bloody good. I'm officially a convert.


Tropical leaves

Have you noticed how everything is covered in tropical leaves these days? Well, I have an I am a fan. The latest Papergang box showed just how good leaves can look. I am not always keen on the tropical trend (flamingos I can take or leave and pineapples just irritate me) but I'm all about green leaves and colourful wildlife so expect some more blogging on this very soon.

This Will Ruin Everything

I was actually taking my cousin up to see the view from the top The Lighthouse in Glasgow when I stumbled upon their latest exhibition. This Will Ruin Everything celebrated 10 years of Recoat with an exhibition of 40 amazing Scottish and International artists. The exhibition was amazing but if you missed it don't worry as the good news is they are turning it into a book which you can read all about (and help fund) here.

How to Get Away With Murder

I am the type of person that can't just sit silently and work so I am always either listening to Spotify or watching Netflix whilst I am blogging or designing. I binged the first 2 seasons of How To Get Away With Murder a while ago and it recently returned for a third which is even more insane and brilliant. Basically it's about a group of law students and a professor who get caught up in lots of murder but luckily are great at getting away with it.

Emma Jane Palin

Interior design and lifestyle blogger Emma Jane Palin's content is always creative and engaging but has she been on a particular high recently. I loved her interview with make Jacqueline Colley, her guide to buying art was super useful and I liked how her Summer Goals post was a little different for her.

Follow Friday

I always love writing for other blogs as well as this one so am very excited to have rejoined team Inkygoodness! I've started with a new Follow Friday column recommending different creative Instagrammers to follow (so far Emma Jane Palin, Rosh Thanki and Present and Correct have featured) and there's lots more coming soon!

I've been meaning to start this new series for a while for lots of different reasons. First off, I think it is kind of the perfect type of post for "creative lifestyle" blogger as it strikes a nice balance between designing and chatting through things in life that I like. Plus, even when I am back studying, I really want to keep creating outside of education and keep blogging so I don't fall out of good habits (like before) when I eventually leave so this will be a great regular creative challenge for me.

I really loved designing this illustration and rounding up all the different bits to include in it and can't wait for next month's. See you in August for a special birthday edition!