January Papergang Unboxing

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Today's post is a bit different from normal in terms of how (or where) I am creating it. Whilst I took just the photos back in Scotland, I am currently writing the accompanying text in Spain. As of today, I am 1 week into a 2 month long stay in Barcelona. I had never visited Barcelona before but am already feeling overwhelmed by the amount of inspiring sights this beautiful bohemian city has to offer so stay tuned for lots of Barcelona-based blog posts coming very soon. First though, I have to share what I got in the latest instalment of Ohh Deer's Papergang subscription box... 

Kicking off the year in style, the Papergang's first box of 2017 contained more stationery that ever before. January's box included an A4 quarterbound notebook (worth £11.95 - more than the box itself cost), a Risograph calendar print, a roll of washi tape, a sheet of gift wrap and 2 greetings cards. If my calculations are correct (and I used a calculator so they really should be), January's box included £23.15 worth of papery goodness but cost just £9.95 - not bad at all.

Of course, judging whether a box like this is worth it each month comes down to much more than a mathematical equation - the quality of design is far more important. Luckily, this month's box got top marks from me in this department as well! As always, a few of the items featured designs by the one artist - this time, London-based illustrator Hui Skipp. Using different colour variations of the same design across several products is always a risk in terms of appealing to a wide variety of tastes but I challenge anyone not to fall in love with Hui's herd of cuddly bears, cute raccoons and curious owls!

I usually pick a favourite piece from each box but this month I am struggling to choose a favourite. Even the smaller items felt like more than just add-ons this time round. The greeting cards added the quirky word play and Gemma Correll wit that Papergang fans have become accustomed to whilst the gorgeous gold foil detailing on the washi tape added a touch of class only a true stationery addict could fully appreciate.

As you might have guessed already, I bloody loved January's Papergang box! I always hate the post-festivity slump the new year brings and it turns out a healthy helping of quirky stationery is the perfect cure for January blues. January's box was so good it makes me even sadder that I have now cancelled my subscription (not because I didn't love it, I clearly did, but even I couldn't justify it as an essential whilst on my travels) and so don't know when I might get my next box. I've loved creating my Papergang unboxing series and will miss it however - judging by the amount I have brought with me on this trip - I will probably be wanting to replenish my stationery collection as soon as I get back so am sure I will be recommencing my subscription before too long. Bye for now Papergang, I'll be back before you know it!

You can sign up to the Papergang here | ohhdeer.com