Jacqueline Colley

Jacqueline Colley is an illustrator and pattern designer based in London. Whether she is conjuring up an exotic tropical pattern or a surreal cityscape, every artwork Jacqueline creates presents the viewer with a whole new world to explore. I am always in awe of just how much intricate detail and playful personality she fit into a single illustration. As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Jacqueline’s work. In fact, the gorgeous pattern below - which you can download from the Ohh Deer blog here - is a currently my desktop wallpaper.

Wallpaper-Jacqueline-Colley-Aug-19-Small-File copy.jpg

Some of my favourite pieces of Jacqueline’s work have come about through her collaborations with Ohh Deer who she has worked with to create multiple stunning stationery and homeware collections. I have been following along Jacqueline’s creative career for a few years now. Her work came to my attention during the height of the tropical trend’s popularity in the design world. I wrote an entire article for Inkygoodness about Jacqueline’s role in the trend which you can read here. In a nutshell, the article looks at how Jacqueline expertly managed to use the tropical trend to her advantage. Jacqueline’s love of all things leafy made her work very fashionable at the time, a coincidence which she used to gain work and attention whilst never selling out.


As well as collaborating with brands on lines of products, Jacqueline also creates her own. In her online shop you will find a whole range of art prints as well as greetings cards and some slightly more unusual items. The blankets she creates are so beautiful and when I have my dream home one day I want one for every room! This interior dream is perhaps a little out of my price range at the moment but I did recently order a gorgeous, gold leopard pin from her store. Jacqueline’s parcel came complete with some colourful postcards and a lovely handwritten note. I am yet to wear my pin but I will be sure to share a photo on my @headlesshappenings Instagram when I do very soon.


I also highly recommend you go an follow @jacquelinecolley on Instagram too. She recently shared some snaps from her wedding which she created some amazing underwater-themed illustrated decorations for. Not only did it look like one of the most personality-filled weddings I have ever seen but it also highlighted what most impresses me an Jacqueline as an artist - how diverse she is. Whether its a tiger-themed throw, some New York inspired stationery or a cardboard crab, everything Jacqueline turns her hand to inevitably turns out extremely stylish and truly joyful. I am already excited to see what she comes up with next!