Lily Kong

My last few blog posts have been all about me - as I’ve been documenting redesigning my website and showing off my shiny new portfolio - so I thought I’d be a bit less self-centred with this one. I originally built this blog to write about the work of incredible artists and remains one of my favourite things to do today. The latest addition to the long list of artist's who's work I love - and the subject of today's post - is illustrator Lily Kong.


Like most of the artists I share on here, I first stumbled upon Lily’s work on Instagram. I was immediately mesmerised by the pure joy which Lily’s wondrous work exudes. From the playful abstract landscapes filled with overgrown foliage to the big squishy character who inhabit them - everything in Lily’s world is big, bold, and, above all, happy! 

What I admire most about Lily’s illustrative style is how she doesn’t do anything by halves. Painterly trees and inky smiles aren't applied tentatively but instead with vigour. This carefree approach breathes more life into each piece Lily creates than any precisely planned brush stroke ever could. And this brave approach extends to her use of colour. All the colours of the rainbow can be found within Lily’s portfolio. Fiery reds and cheerful yellows are offset by calming lilacs and earthy greens to strike excitable yet soothing balance within Lily’s work.


Originally from Newcastle, Lily grew up in Hong Kong before moving back to the UK to study at Camberwell College of Arts in London. Since graduating, as well as working as a freelance illustrator, Lily has also co-founded Hi Bye Studio with friend and fellow Camberwell graduate Holly St Clair. Hi Bye Studio's aim is to create books, put on exhibitions, host workshops and generally spread creative vibes throughout South London. 

Having only recently graduated and already having a gorgeous portfolio of work and half a studio to her name, it feels like this is just the beginning of a prosperous creative career for Lily. As it’s how I found her work in the first place, I highly recommend you follow her on instagram to keep up with her latest creative adventures. I challenge you not to smile each time one of her joyful painting pops up on your feed!