Illustrating 8 Reindeer

Last year, I also did #12DaysOfBlogmas too and on the 8th day I posted a round-up of 8 Illustrated Reindeer from some of my favourite illustrators. As I am now studying illustration myself and trying to get better at sharing more of my own creations, I thought for this year's 8th day I would share 8 reindeer I had illustrated myself!


Reindeer are my favourite animals (at any time of year - reindeer aren't just for Christmas you know) and I do have many illustrations I have done of them in the past. However, instead of posting those, I decided I wanted to make 8 new artworks. As I was a little short of time, I decided I would make 8 designs out of 1 drawing using Xerox art. Xerox art, if you didn't know, is the process of moving an image as it is scanned to make a new, warped design.

I used Xerox for a series of final outcomes for an art school project a few months ago and had created a series of short-legged animals drawings which I then scanned and distorted. If you want to know why their legs were shortened, then you can read a post I wrote about the project for Inkygoodness here. Taking my little-legged reindeer, I began to play and made 8 new designs...



I'm not quite sure what I will do with these designs now - Christmas cards maybe! Even if I don't use them for anything, it has been nice to create for the sake of creating and to blog about it too. I plan to blog a lot more about my own creations (including all the projects I have done at art school in the last few months) come the new year. First though, there is still plenty more festive content to come...